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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

  1. by   iamleeann
    Quote from rayneonme
    Congrats to all that got in!! I got my letter as an alternate for Kingwood basic track.

    Applied with 11.36
    Good luck to you. I was accepted to Quest so I will be declining the basic track at Kingwood...so there will be at least one spot open.

    Jesbustos...my score for Quest was 11.68.
  2. by   pRaYeRfuL
    I got acceptance from cyfair via email... sorry I am late.. congrats to all excepted
  3. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Sry about the spelling ;-)
  4. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Anyone else for cyfair??? I was expected a boom on here.. wrong.
  5. by   iamleeann
    prayerful - there is another thread entitled something like kingwood application period summer 2012 (or something of the sorts) that a person or two posted they were accepted to Cyfair. There seems to be a lack of people on this board for Spring 2013. Congrats on getting into the program.
  6. by   Tpluta
    I got accepted to Cy-fair for the spring, but will be turning it down since I have received at least one BSN acceptance. So for any Cy-fair hopefuls, there is at least one more spot opening up.
  7. by   rayneonme
    I just realized I received an acceptance to Cyfair, but alternate to Kingwood. I'll probably just wait for Kingwood and not do the acceptance for Cyfair.
  8. by   nataliea15
    Did receive their blue cards yet? I have not received mine yet. Does anyone know anything much about the orientation? I am just wondering what we can be doing for 5 hours. Just curious.
  9. by   pRaYeRfuL
    No is that something we should have already? I was thinkin we would get that later
  10. by   nataliea15
    Not sure, but I know in a different application period the blue cards arrived before some of the acceptance letters.
  11. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Oh really? Well hopefully they will come soon. I guess I just assumed it would come as we started the process.. thought it was something that had to be requested and since the nursing department is sending everything via email this time, it could be different but I am not sure
  12. by   rayneonme
    I haven't received a blue card either.
  13. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Well I feel beeter as long as we all don't have em yet ;-)