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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    I know there aren't a lot of people on here for LVN, but I received my admission letter to Tomball in the mail today (Friday)! I hope the letters get sent out for everyone in the ADN program soon!

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    Congrats Manchester!
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    Congrats to those who have found out!

    I haven't heard anything in the past about ADN applicants receiving anything via email and I don't have anything in my inbox as of yet.
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    Congrats to the people who have received their letters!

    Nothing here yet. The wait is getting harder. Really, there aren't nearly as many ppl on this thread as compared to application periods past. At least we are here, right collectively biting our nails. (allthough since taking micro..I won't be doing that again-lol)I hope that we do get notified via email also, because what if your letter gets delivered to the wrong house?? (just one of the million what if's going through my head).
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    Why do you think that is? Concerning the lack of people online ? Is the fall more competitive ?
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    Quote from Jesbustos
    Is the fall more competitive ?
    It has been said that there are more applicants in the Fall vs Spring. I'm sure that may vary but historically that has been the case.
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    I received my acceptance letters today. I was accepted to both Quest and the regular program at Kingwood. I will be accepting Quest and declining the Kingwood on-campus basic track. So there will be an alternative spot open. My points were 11.68 for those wondering.
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    Check your mailbox, I got my acceptance letter for Quest Kingwood second degree program!
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    Congrats guys!!!! Awww MAN I won't be home until Tuesday! This is going to be a LONG wait!
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    Anyone else get any kind of notification?

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