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Lonestar Spring 2012 Hopefuls

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    I will be applying to Kingwood for the spring of 2012. Are you applying?
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    Yes I am if all go as planned. I'm taking sociology and lifespan in the summer and micro in the fall.
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    No one else is applying?
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    I'm applying. I've decided to take Micro and APII this summer so I can catch the application deadline with all my prereqs complete. I'm getting the feeling that ADN programs want all their prereqs complete before applying, unlike BSN that only require 40 credits to apply and finish the rest before the first day of classes.
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    Hi Chunky,

    That's a good idea. I hope I'll still be considered with micro still in progress.
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    Has anyone taken Pharm before being accepted? If so, is it a good idea?
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    I'm also applying to cyfair. I will be taking pharmacology and kinesology in the summer.
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    Yes, I'm applying as well.
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    does anyone know the cut off point for cyfair last semester? I heard it is usually high compare to other campus so if anyone have any informations, let me know. Thanks.
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    I don't know what the exact cut-off was, but from reading past posts, I think it was very high. I didn't see anyone under 11.6 points that got in at Cy-Fair, but that's just my observation, not fact. What do you think it will be for the Spring?
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    Hi Everyone,

    I went to the Cy-Fair campus today to get my transcripts evaluated and entered into their system. Total waste of time. I had all of my transcripts sent in two weeks ago. I called to make sure they had them. Someone on the phone told me to "come on up, and we'll have an advisor get you going and enter your classes for you", HA! I met with an advisor, but I was not advised. During our interview, she had to check twice to see if they had received my transcripts after looking at her own computer screen that said they were indeed at Lonestar. OMG, I wanted to strangle her. She couldn't/wouldn't enter any of my classes into the system. Told me an entirely different department did that, then sent me to the Nursing Dept., in an entirely different building.

    I get to the Nursing Department office and all they are able to give me is a one page information sheet that says little more than what is quoted on the website. The girl behind the desk was nice, but unhelpful. I asked if anyone could tell me more about their program. Nope, here's your one page, see ya, bye. Overall, it wasn't a happy experience. I was kind of sad when I left
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    I am currently in Cyfair's program. It is really an awesome program, but the standards are high and it not easy. Best thing to do during app process is to pull a score card off of the website and score yourself. Also...start your HEB B seris ASAP. I'll be happy to answer any questions that I can.