Lonestar LVN-RN Summer 2013

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    Hi everyone. I have applied to nursing transition program at Montgomery and Tomball to start in the summer 2013; the deadline was March 7. I also plan to apply to the Kingwood campus where the application period closes in May. I have not found any threads for hopeful applicants to the summer transition program 2013 so I am creating a forum for us discuss receipt of acceptance/alternate letters, orientation and whatever else we can conjure up. I applied with a 10.4. I know its low, but no venture no success. So are there any others waiting to hear back?

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    I applied too but I am not done with my Microbiology, which school was your first choice? Mine was Montgomery.
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    My first choice was Montgomery then Tomball.
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    What was your score?
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    10.7 was my score
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    I've been checking these threads to see when applicants start receiving letters. It's getting close to that time. How's your Micro class coming along?
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    Someone posted on another board that she received an acceptance letter to Montgomery with a score of 10.7.
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    Congrats on your acceptance. Do you know how many students will be in the transition program? I wonder what is the lowest score they accepted?
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    I've heard 25 or so, not 100% sure. I'm sure you'll get your letter soon. ��
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    And thank you! Lol

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