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Hi everyone. I have applied to nursing transition program at Montgomery and Tomball to start in the summer 2013; the deadline was March 7. I also plan to apply to the Kingwood campus where the... Read More

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    Hi, I was not aware that this thread was started for transition applicants, so I have been posting to the basic track thread. But, I applied to Montgomery as my first choice and Tomball as my second. I recieved my letter on March 30th my score was a 10.9. I am preparing all the necessary paperwork that was mailed out with the letter and I have completed my physical and now have a bunch of documents to scan in to the the certified background website they gave to us. I am excited to be going back to school and looking foward to orientation in April. Does anyone know exactly what day in June the classes start?
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    Hello, I got in at Montgomery for the transition program. Yay!!!!!
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    Hi! I'm applying to kingwood transition program start for fall 2013...anyone else applying as well?
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    Quote from itsinthabag
    Hello, I got in at Montgomery for the transition program. Yay!!!!!
    Congrats! Have you gotten everything done? I still have to upload my docs.
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    I was going to apply to Kingwood had I not gotten into Mont or Tomball because it is a tad closer to me than the Mont campus.
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    Yes, I did upload some documents and all were accepted except 2. I have the record showing I received the immunization but they need the lab work to show titers wether I am immune are not so I have to get that done then I will have completed everything. How about you?
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    I have printed all the necessary docs to sign. I just obtained my immunization which is not really complete according to what the school is requesting. So I too have to get that done and upload everything. My records don't really show the mmr so I may have to get that done. But I'm so excited to get this program started!!
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    Where are you going to do the tithers? Who has the best price for that, I'm not sure if my insurance will cover the tithers.
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    There are places like any lab test now and and you can try RediClinic inside HEB and CVS. I think the highest titer may run about $60. Try your employer as well. I got the Tdap vaccine at my job for free. I didn't have a comprehensive shot record. I called my high school for the records and they referred me to a City of Houston clinic that had immunization dates. So try those methods as well.
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