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Anyone else applying this summer to LoneStar-Kingwood for Jan. start? Just trying to see if I could find anyone in the same boat as me! :) I apologize if there is already a thread for this...I searched and couldn't find one.... Read More

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    I was accepted to Quest. The orientation is on Monday from 1-4PM. Good luck Jes. I hope they have a spot for you in the Spring.

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    Quote from pigofhouston
    Hi, the letter of intent..... is there like a mandatory orientation on Monday or something? I keep seeing people write...."see yall on Monday"....
    Can I ask what your score was for Quest? I rec'd my letter on saturday. There was also an email sent out by the nursing dept regarding a correction on the admittance letters, so if you haven't gotten a letter via mail but got the email, then that is a good sign.
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    I received my acceptance letter this weekend as well, to the Quest (Basic Track) program! I'm an alternate for CyFair, but have every intention on pursuing Quest.I've been anxiously waiting just like many of you, and I'm happy to have found this board. Guess I'll be seeing you at Orientation on Monday! And I wish the best of luck to those who are alternates or still awaiting a decision.
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    What do you mean there was a correction on the letters? Man I hope that something opens up too!!! Congrats to you Renee! What was your score?
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    Just realized you could have been referring to my situation lol.
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    Jesbustos - the acceptance letters had the wrong address to mail back the intent to enroll form. The nursing dept sent an email out that basically said if anyone had already mailed their form and used the address they provided (which was wrong) to please contact them immediately. I assume they sent it to everyone that was accepted into the program.

    I read that they emailed you the alternate letter....so you may have not been on their list to email about the correction (it was emailed out on the 1st). I'm assuming by the lack of a letter, the 9.63 did not make the cut.

    But the good news, is that you are an alternate and there is still a chance. At least one person on one of these Kingwood threads has said they are declining Quest and for Kingwood's traditional program. I have no idea how many alternates there are but you haven't exactly been told no - yet. So keep your hopes up!
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    Jesbustos - the site won't let me reply to your private message. To answer your questions - yes, the QUEST orientation is from 1-4pm on Monday. Basic track (in-classroom) is 9am-2pm on the same day. I applied to both programs with a score of 11.8132.
    Good luck to you!!
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    Thank you and congrats again everyone!! See y'all Monday
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    Thank you for your continued support! I'm crossing my fingers and congrats to everyone you should be proud! I applied with a 10.63 btw in case anyone was wondering. The 9.63 was incorrect because they did not have my micro factored in. The 4 hours of micro bumped me up to the 3- points category instead of 2 (for required courses completed). This is why I'm going so crazy lol. As soon as they added my micro ( on Tuesday ) they sent me an alternate letter.
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    Jesbustos: Don't worry, I applied with a 10.83, I think....don't really remember. I was accepted into the quest program but decided that I was not going to pursue it and instead go to TWU instead since the program is also 4 semesters and its a BSN program. Also because I couldn't make it the orientation date. Since I didn't mail out my letter of intent....I'm sure they're sending out more letters to fill the spots up. Good luck to everyone who got in!

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