LoneStar College Kingwood summer 2012 application period - page 10

Anyone else applying this summer to LoneStar-Kingwood for Jan. start? Just trying to see if I could find anyone in the same boat as me! :) I apologize if there is already a thread for this...I searched and couldn't find one.... Read More

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    Thanks... I'm just curious to as if this would've been transferred months ago if I would. Be an alternate. Thank you tho and I hope so see you Monday

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    Quote from sapadgett

    Hang in there! A lot of time alternates are able to go ahead and start, you never know if someone will change their mind or not get their stuff done! Go ahead and get everything done that you need to so you'll be prepared should they want you!
    Hey what do you mean by " a lot of alternates are able to go ahead and start" ?
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    I just meant if someone drops or doesn't complete their paperwork or something. Not that you can go ahead and start...sorry that was worded poorly. Lol
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    I received acceptance letters to both the Basic and Quest programs on Monday. I've decided to pursue the Basic program - that's the letter of intent I returned to Valerie. See you all on Monday!
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    Did anyone else get a Quest letter?
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    Hi, the letter of intent..... is there like a mandatory orientation on Monday or something? I keep seeing people write...."see yall on Monday"....
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    Do we have to be done completely w immunizations by Dec 3rd? I will have my last hep B by January 3rd. Is this ok?
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    pigofhouston, Yes there is a mandatory orientation as stated in your acceptance letter on Monday October 8, 2012 from 9am to 2pm in the student conference center (SCC BUILDING). This is for those accepted into the Kingwood program, I don't know if the same applies to Cyfair.
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    Mine said from1pm-4pm? Is this for the Quest Im guessing?
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    No it's for the Basic Track program.

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