Lee College Acceptance

  1. :tinkbll:anyone got accepted at lee college in baytown for the adn program fall 2011.....i did and i'm so excited....just wanted to know if there's any other an veiwers headed to lee.
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  3. by   qt***
    Congratulations!!! I am guessing you are one of the first ones to get picked... I am going insane, i wanna know if i made it or not!! lol.
  4. by   Tinknurse2B
    :tinkbll:so you applied at lee as well...yes my letter stated that i got high ranking...and those that did i guess received their acceptance letters first. i was in the office last week and over heard them speaking about sending out more letters so i know if you haven't received yours yet....... it's on the way.
  5. by   qt***
    Yes, I did. I think I made decent grades to make it but i know its real competative out there. A counselor told me that since i was taking pharmacology this spring that I would probably be looked at last since they are concetrating more on the people who had their pre-req ready by fall 2010. We shall see... But Thank you for the heads up Oh & by the way do you think a 3.7 is a good gpa to have?
  6. by   rachsmc29
    I applied at Lee College's ADN program and I still haven't received my acceptance letter.-wonder what is the hold up?? I guess its because I took Pharm last semester. I am so anxious to get my letter...But I have a 4.0 and all required classes plus all the BSN classes offered.
  7. by   rachsmc29
    a 3.7 is an excellent gpa
  8. by   qt***
    Thanks & wow, that is awesome a 4.0! I bet your in with out a doubt, it just the matter of receiving those packets in the mail I feel you on the anxious part! & there might be a slight chance that we are in the "late" stack due to the fact that we both took pharm last semester...but like tinknurse2b said "its on the way"
  9. by   rachsmc29
    ya I have 2 friends--1 in the nursing program and 1 on their 2nd attempted to get in. One said they took Pharm last and received their letter of denial on May 28. While my friend in the program said they can take as long as end of July early Aug to send out letters!! OMG That is forever!!

    So are any of y'all taking any Summer classes? I'm taking Medical Term and Medical Math for a refresher--don't wanna kill anyone with a miscalculation!!
  10. by   rachsmc29
    ugh still waiting for this letter **going crazy**
  11. by   qt***
    Hey i took those this past spring, and now taking english2 this summer... and i feel you i am going crazy as well so i went ahead and got me a job as a cna, to pass the time.
  12. by   rachsmc29
    GOT MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER YESTERDAY!! Wooooo Hooooo! Now to study for the HESI entrance exam.
  13. by   qt***
    So after a terrible, and miserable wait lol... I finally recieve what i was waiting for..... MY PACKET!! I made it in for the fall 2011 ADN PROGRAM ********FUTURE *********
  14. by   Tinkerbell33
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday. Yay!
    I took pharm in Spring 2011. So need need to worry The packet should be on it's way.
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