Lamar University rn-bsn

  1. 0 Hi, I currently have my RN, and would like to further my education by obtaining my BSN online. I am thinking about possibly attending Lamar University's RN-BSN program online. Anyone on here go through the program? If so, could I talk to you about it? Thank you in advance!!
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    I have applied to the program, not sure yet. Start date if all goes well will be oct 2013
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    I too am seeking to attend. I was accepted into Texas Tech online RN-BSN, but because I went to Lamar State for my RN and I liked the way their program was structured, I think I'm going to go throught Lamar Univeristy. I have all my prereqs and am just waiting on an acceptance. I was accepted for the Summer semester but passed on it. I want to attend the Fall October start date now. Good luck!

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