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    Hi all! I start at ITT's new nursing school March 18th at the Richardson campus and was wanting to connect with other students that will be starting the program. I'm super excited and can't wait to get started!! Please comment below if you are attending as well!
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    Good luck.

    ITT is a "for-profit" school that is only in business to make money for shareholders. Their educational standards have been proven to be low and their credits will not transfer any where, sometimes not even to another ITT campus.

    Their tuition is round $20,000 for one academic year which is three quarters. They operate by getting students on Federal student financial aid, Pell grant and Stafford loans, although these will in no way cover the full cost so at some point you will have to take out some high-interest private loans. As well, your loan aggregate amount for an independent student is $57,500 while a Bachelor degree cost is $80,000. You will have to either get private loans or pay cash to cover the difference.

    ITT has been and is currently embroiled in many lawsuits and investigations by the Department of Justice, the Department of Education, the SEC, the Governmental Accountability Office, as well as many former employees and students for fraud.

    Please do some research before you ruin your life. Start here:

    ITT Technical Institute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My ITT Experience

    For-Profit Colleges

    ITT grads claim deception in lawsuit - Houston Chronicle

    ITT Educational Services, Inc. Under Long Term Investor Investigation | Shareholders Foundation
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    You should also check their NLN accreditation status, it can affect whether or not you'll be able to get work after your training. I do know that ITT's Bessemer. AL campus was denied accreditation in 2012.
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    Thank you for your concern, but I have done my research quite extensively. It's not costing me a dime; I've transferred several classes from a local community college making my tuition waaaay cheaper and the $10,000 (roughly) left is covered by private scholarships I applied and obtained myself.
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    Not to mention, I want to complete my Bachelor's at TWU online, and have been assured by an admissions counselor and the Dean of Nursing (of TWU) that my Associates will be transferred smoothly when I am ready to apply. I know that ITT had a bad past, but as long a I get what I want and they have the accreditation (which I've gotten proof of) that is required to go further in my education at a different institution afterwards, I'm all good. Again, thanks for your concern!
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    Hi, I will also be starting in March, its nice to meet you
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    Hello! How are you? I'm happy someone else responded! I'm Jessica.
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    Hello I took the hesi exam to start in march. Im in illinois. I wad curious to know what were your hesi results. Im afraid I wont make top 30 with my score.
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    I made an 86.5, but it was calculated accordingly to the requirements for the school to an 85
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    Hey I start in March too! But Orland Park,Il. I'm so excited!

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