Is it pointless? Should I apply?

  1. I'm getting worried about the upcoming application period. I have always wanted to be nurse but of course I was immature when I was under the age of 21 and when I tried to go to school while working full time. I didn't have the time management skills to handle the workload. But the past few semesters I have gotten more serious about my studies and only have 2 more prereqs to complete. Currently in Micro and I have Chem scheduled for the Fall. But I just calculated my GPA with with what I should make in Micro and what I'm hoping to make in Chem but my GPA will still only be a 3.19 . Should I even apply to a BSN program? I've been stalking the forums on here and everyone's stats are way better than mine. I will only have As in Micro and hopefully Chem. I received a C in AP1 and B in AP2. I have taken the TEAS and received a 75% overall but plan to take it again now that I've ordered the study guide.

    Should I keep going for this? I don't know if I can handle not getting into a program. I have no problem pursuing a ADN program first and then bridging but I have already been out of high school for 10 years and really didn't want to delay getting my bachelor's for too much longer. Especially since I live in Houston and most of the Med Center hospitals aren't even considering ADNs because they want magnet status.

    I am currently completing my BS at UHD and wanted to go right to nursing school right after but now I don't know if I even stand a chance. People are getting turned away with 3.7 GPAs and I'm nowhere in this range. I don't know what to do? I may not get into an ADN program with my stats either. After I graduate May 2014, should I repeat AP1 and Nutrition. I got the C in Nutrition 10 years ago in my freshman year. Even if I repeat and get As in both I will still only have a 3.46.

    Any advice guys would be great.....
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