how does a school affiliated with a religion affect program?

  1. Hello everyone. I would appreciate any thoughts on the question of how a school that is affiliated with a religious belief affect my getting a good education on issues such as women's health care and end-of-life issues etc. What about classes concerning public health---would they have an unbiased, facts above all presentation? Any feelings on Houston Baptist for a bsn? I am not a member of any church, synagogue, or mosque-- but then I am not without a spiritual side. If I am not strongly Christian, would I have clash with a program such as presented at Houston Baptist. I do not mean to be antagonistic or irreverent---I just want to get a good education in a good program so I can be a great nurse! Thank YOU all!
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  4. by   Jesbustos
    Hey any luck with your research into this program? I was curious as well
  5. by   llg
    It really depends on the school. I did my undergraduate education at a major university that had an affiliated with a mainstream ("middle-of-the-road) protestant religion and had it not been for the large chapel in the middle of the campus, you never would have known it. While they recognized the importance of spirituality, they were very open to all religious beliefs and did not "push" any one view.

    However, I have known other schools that definitely preached it's religious views and included a lot of coursework focusing on their particular beliefs..

    I have also worked in 2 Catholic hospitals with very different perspectives -- one much more "liberal" than the other.

    As an aetheist, I think I am fairly sensitive to such practices and it is something I look at when I choose a school or job. There is no hard and fast rule that applies to all institutions. You have to consider the culture of each place separately.