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Houston New Grad

  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    So I recently graduated with my BSN from Texas Tech and have also passed my boards. I have been on the job hunt here in Houston now and it seems so difficult for new grads to get hired here, which is extremely frustrating. I have gone on two interviews and had one screening call since I started looking for a job in February. Last week I applied to the Fall 2012 MD Anderson Nurse Residency program but still have not received a call. I called HR today and they told me they are calling applicants between now and mid-August. So the waiting continues...

    I have gone to a few job fairs and have had a little bit of luck from them but they did not lead to anything promising. Does anyone know if there are any other job fairs coming up?

    Also I was wanting to know if anyone has any advice about how to get your name out there and who has had any luck landing a job in the area. Has anyone heard from MD Anderson?
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    I also applied to the same MD Anderson Fall 2012 residency about the same time you did, and have not recieved a call yet. I heard they are going to be calling people and schedule in person interview for mid to late august, so there's still a chance for us! I am also not having any luck finding a job, and graduated with a BSN in May. I'm already licensed as well. I'm wondering if starting at a dr's office or dialysis clinic may be able to help us gain experience while continuing to look for an acute care position? I'm scared I may end up being stuck there and never land a hospital position if I go that route, so the search continues for now...good luck!
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    I graduated in May 2012 from an ADN program, and took boards in North Dakota (I went to school in Minnesota). I applied to so many hospitals down in Texas, both Dallas area and Houston area. I applied for HCA hospitals and I was called 2 days later. I moved down to Texas the day before my interview. I was offered a job right after the interview ended.