Houston-area RNs wanted to participate in research study

  1. 0 hi!
    i am a graduate student in psychology at rice university (houston, tx). i am working on my dissertation and recruiting a sample of nurses to participate in the research study.

    the topic of my research is workplace events and stress management in nursing; more
    specifically, the purpose of the research is to advance knowledge of the effects of
    workplace events on nurses' job attitudes and well-being and to validate a measure of
    effective stress management in nursing. the study has been approved by the rice irb.

    if you might be interested in participating or have ideas about where/how i can recruit rn participants, please contact me through our lab email account, beierlab@rice.edu i can provide more information about the study as well.

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    more information: the study consists of an online survey that takes approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. you will also be asked to name a coworker who can validate your employment. i am offering a small incentive/token of appreciation for completing the study (see the consent form).

    to participate, access http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ricenursestudy

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