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i was wondering about the requirements of the texas BON (endorsement RN)... am i still eligble coz i just found out 3 days ago that i passed but i have CA license and i don't have any experience over there and now i'm currently... Read More

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    i am a filipino registered nurse and with pending license endorsement application to texas board of nursing.
    i took the nclex-rn in june 2009 under california board of nursing . i sent in april 2012 an endorsement form to their office enclosing 60 usd cashier's check for my license to be forwarded to texas board of the same time, i also sent my endorsement application to texas board of nursing with the fingerprint card,200 usd and finished taking the online jurisprudence exam. i finished also my license verification for my philippine license.but until now, texas board of nursing is sending notice that i have incomplete application.

    with regards to this, how can i know the status of my endorsement of license from california to texas board of nursing . what will i do with the incomplete application.i am looking forward to a positive response.

    thank you very much.

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    Hi, can you pls tell me which form is used in endorsing nclex pass result to texas? Thanks
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    hi! i have a question re: endorsing my nclexrn cali to texas. i have submitted all the necessary documents for endorsement application to texas, however my nclex rn cali extension letter was last year 2011, because last year i was endorsing my nclex rn cali to vermont but since the ierf who is reviewing my documents is asking for a lot of credetials from my school since they said the tor is not matched with the rle. so my school sent credetials 3 times but still ierf said it doesn't match that is why i decided to endorse it to texas,now it is 2012, am i still eligible to endorse my nclex rn cali to texas to have a permanent license?
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    hi saty20, go to youcan see the intructions there in endorsement. you can download application form. but first u need to request fingerprint card because u need to submit that along with your application form page 1&2 of the application form and $200 fee. send to texas bon. then 2 copies of page 8 verification of license, 1 must be sent to california with $60 fee and the nclex rn passing letter and if u are a foreign nurse 1 copy of page 8 verification of license and they need to send it to texas. total of $260 and the courier fee. hope this helps.
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    Hi! I just want to verify some details in filling-out the Endorsement Form of Texas BON. There's a space there for writing all your licenses. However since I did not get a license from CA-BON since I do not have a SSN, should I still write something there or just leave it blank?
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    For those of you who endorsed your Ca license to Texas. What happens to your Ca license? Do you have to surrender it once you get a Texas license?
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    hi!pls help me. I passed nclex last May 2009, its 3 yrs and 9months now. i just want to clarify if im still eligible to endorse it to texas. i learned from bon texas that 1 requirement is to pass nclex exam, which i already have. what's confusing to me is the another requirement of bon texas stating that you must be practicing or if not you took or passed the appropriate RN exam during the past 4yrs. which exam are they talking about? the Philippine board exam or the CA nclex exam. because i passed the local board exam last june2008, its more than four years now. and i dont know if that's the required one. But if they mean the Nclex exam, mine is just more than 3 yrs now. am i still eligible to endorse it or not? pls help me.
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    I'm a CA NCLEX passer without SSN.I will endorse it to Texas. I'm confused regarding the requirements I have to send to texas. I have to write CA BON for verification of licensure and ask to forward it to Texas. Could I submit my application to Texas even without the Verification of licensure from CA because CA BON will be the one to send it to Texas? Do I need to write Texas BON that I already request CA to send my VOL to them so that's why it's not included in the application that I would send to TX?
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    For all those wondering if they are able to endorse "expired" pass letters/test results frim CA BON to TX BON, it is indeed possible! I took and passed the NCLEX in Oct 2007 and when my file expired I gave up on it coz I did not think it was possible to endorse the results anymore. But just a couple of months ago I started researching and thought to myself that I should just go and try my luck. So I filled up the necessary documents and passed all the requirements, and thru God's goodness I recieved my Texas license number (at least online, I have yet to recieve the paper license i the mail) last May 1, only two months since I sent all the documents. This forum has been very helpful and contains almost all the information needed in the endorsement process. But its always best to contact Texas BON directly if you are unsure of what to do coz they would know how best to advise you. Like when I read that a requirement was that the NCLEX must have been taken 4 yrs prior to endorsement unless practicing/working as a nurse I emailed TX BON and asked if my recent hospital experience here in the Philippines and abroad would be considered and they replied yes it would. So I send a notarized copy of my employment certificates along with the application form. I hope all of you are also successful in endorsing your results! :-)
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    Quote from meredithder
    hi guys if that is true im one of the nurses planning to endorse my nclex to texas.
    That they dont require CES.SSN?
    and i just like to asked together with the form of endorsement is fingerprint and payment of 200 dollar how about Picture of passport size is it also a requirement?hope for youre response


    yeah, endorsing the license is really easy.
    yes, they don't require ces and ssn for the endorsement of license.
    you don't need the picture really. all you need for the endorsement is the filled-out endorsement form of texas, the $200 check, the letter from your original state stating you passed your NCLEX exam, the fingerprint card as well. and that's it...

    OK, I know this a "blast from the past" but may be some folks could chime in.

    I'm also foreign-educated nurse who's been living in US almost for the past 25 years. I passed my NCLEX back in 1993 in NY where I practiced for the 20 years. I also have active NJ RN lic by endorsement. We recently moved to Texas and I'm in the process of obtaining RN license via endorsement. So far so good. Both of my RN lic from NY and NJ were endorsed via NURSYS service. I had my livescan finger prints done (though it still shows as pending on TX BON website). I also passed TX BON juriceprudence exam.

    But here's my question. There is one more item shows as "required" when I check my application status online: It says "lisensure Russia". ??? I never claimed to have any foreign license. All my nursing career for the past 20 years has been right here in USA?

    I was born and raised in USSR (Russia), also my initial nursing ed was done there, but I've never been licensed in Russia or worked thereas a nurse . I actually have left that country within one month after graduation from nursing school. In all fairness, I haven't contacted TX BON yet, but just wanted to hear if someone else had same/similar situation? I know when I endorsed my NY RN license to NJ they did not ask me about foreign "license" b/c this has never been part of my app, neither it it is for TX BON?

    Your feedback is much appreciated.

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