HELP!!! Anyone from San Antonio?

  1. Does anyone know anything about Methodist Metropolitan or Methodist Specialty and Transplant? I was just offered a GN/RN internship at both and I told them I would let them know by tomorrow (Friday). I need info about which is better, anything would help! Both are med-surg and have the same pay. Thanks for any help with making this decision.
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  3. by   RN4LOVE
    Hello Olive RN! I don't have personal experience with working on those units although I did go to nursing school in SA. I will tell you that my friend works at Methodist Metropolitan, and she doesn't like it very much...she's learning A LOT, which is the only thing keeping her there! She's noticing that the main goal on her floor is to get them out to the med-surg floors as quickly as possible, and sometimes has concerns on patient safety in regards to nurse-to-patient ratios. Probably due to it being a for-profit hospital...

    On Methodist Specialty and Transplant, one of my instructors said that he really enjoyed working there because you really see patients getting better, and you have that satisfaction as a nurse knowing you had something do with that. This is just his personal view of it. I believe he worked in the ICU.

    ...please take this insight information as you wish. Having two places to decide is a blessing in itself. I'm sure whatever you choose will make a wonderful nurse
  4. by   Olive_RN
    Thank you so much RN4LOVE! You have been a huge help! I have heard similar things about Metropolitan, and I was also concerned with the nurse to patient ratio. I think I will be accepting the Methodist Specialty and Transplant position! I am excited to finally have a job, especially an internship.
  5. by   RN4LOVE
    Your welcome! I understand how hard it is to get a job these days! Good Luck with your internship!!