HCC Spring 2012-Houston Community College

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    Hi Everyone,
    I'll be applying for HCC Spring 2012. I was intending on taking my prerequisites in the Fall, but I've decided to knock out A&P II and Micro this summer to avoid any complications in the application process. I'm getting conflicting reports that prereqs have to be complete BEFORE the application is due, then others say that I'm allowed 1 course in progress. Not sure, so just to be on the safe side I've opted to register for both courses over the summer.

    I hope this thread will bring together all the Houston Community College Spring 2012 applicants.

    Goodluck Everyone
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    Hi Everyone,
    HESI testing at Coleman Center. Do they have calculators on their screens when an applicant is taking the HESI test? I'm in the midst of finding a testing siteso wanting to know if that's even part of the testing.
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    Hi I'm also applying to spring 2012 not sure about the classes but I completed mine just to be on the safe side. Do you know anything about the math test we have to take? And do you know how hard it is to get in? I've completed all classes and extra ones my gpa is a 3.0 so all I need to do is my hesi and that math test. I went to a er session it was full of rn students well I pray we get in.
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    The math test is taken after Pharmacology. I'm going to the ER session June 2nd. I plan on submitting my application and taking my HESI the second week of July. Goodluck everyone
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    O ok I already took pharm. @ another college last sem. So I guess I can take the math test
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    Went to the Essential Requirement Session at Coleman today. They are now requiring TEAS V test. The are recommending everyone to take the TEAS V test instead of the HESI test. Spoke to a counselor afterwards and she stated that those students who already have paid for the HESI or are scheduled to take the HESI, for the upcoming Spring 2012 intake, can still turn in those scores. Spring 2012 is pretty much the last time anyone can turn in HESI scores.
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    Great thanks for letting me know did they say what was the passing scores for the teasv?
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    I completed my HESI test the other day. The exam wasn't all too shabby. Both the Math & AP portion were extremely straight forward. Math covers ratios/proportions, fractions, decimals to fractions, measurement conversions, addition & subtraction. Best of luck to everyone.
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    Thanks Chunky, I'll be taking mine in two weeks. I've been studying the hesi study guide and brushing up on my A&P. Good Luck!!
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    Did you take your hesi at HCC or somewhere else?

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