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Hi Everyone, I'll be applying for HCC Spring 2012. I was intending on taking my prerequisites in the Fall, but I've decided to knock out A&P II and Micro this summer to avoid any complications in... Read More

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    I heard that too Chunky Munkey. I work full time during the day so I had to choose an evening class. I'm just happy that I able to take the course. I think the real test will be at the end of the course when we have to take that Pharm Test.

    Anytime MC93. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope this class is quick and painless.

    About Student Orientation....will that be seperate from the actual class or during our first class? If it is seperate, what time does the Orientation start? The letter does not say. I'm re-taking a test that Monday morning, so I'm hoping that Orientation does not conflict with my test time.

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    I think orientation is the first class meeting, so if you are in the evening class your orientation will be at 5:00 PM when your first class begins.
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    That's good news MC93!

    Where did you all complete your pre-reqs at?
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    Quote from MC93
    Thank you for confirming that the immunizations can wait, CareAngel! From my understanding the course will require a lot of study time, but you can do it, so don't get nervous! :-) I will be in the morning class with you, CHUNKY_MUNKEY.
    Good deal. I thought it was better for me to choose the morning class because evening classes I feel really tired and its really hard to concentrate, compared to early classes when your bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'll see you in class MC.
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    I can't concentrate at night either, but I WILL be drinking coffee each morning! I did my prereqs in Florida at Seminole State College and at HCC. I look forward to meeting you all!
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    Hello, everyone.

    I'm actually starting my Nursing classes this Fall, so I've completed the prerequisite classes and Pharmacology. I'd be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

    Now, about prerequisites, I suggest you all to get them out of the way before you try to get into the program. All you want to worry about is your Nursing classes. There is no need to worry yourselves any further.

    When it comes to taking the HESI, I took mine at Lonestar because they do not time you during the test, which dampens the anxiety a little. Lonestar offers you handheld calculators if you didn't bring one or just forgot your own.

    About Pharmacology, practice for your math test in advance! If you don't pass the Math test with a 90% or above, you won't get into the program. SOME teachers allow a second chance, but that's to their desecration. Study and make flash cards (and drug cards) on your drug classifications.

    I hope I helped! Good luck
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    Quote from CareAngel
    Has anyone heard about the upcoming pharmacology course? I'm extremely nervous about this class and I have no clue as to what to expect.
    You'll be OK! I just passed the class with a B and that's the first B I've gotten in a long time. The class is definitely challenging and you will be reading EVERY DAY and creating various drug cards. Make sure you learn the basics to all the drug classifications you will be learning and do EVERYTHING your teacher assigns to you. Those assignments might just save you from getting a D, which isn't a passing grade. Just breathe, relax, and remember why you are doing this and you'll be just fine
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    Thank you for all the great advice!
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    Quote from careangel
    hello all,
    i just stumbled upon this discussion and thought i'd chime in. i'm also applying at hcc for the spring 2012 track. i received the pharm letter giving me the "okay" to take pharmacology. i just spoke to one of the secretaries at hcc, and she said that immunization are not required prior to orientation. the will just go over expectations and requirements should you get accepted into the nursing program. did anyone sign up for the 5pm-8pm pharm class (57777)????
    very important shots info:

    i don't know what they have told you all but, you need to make sure you get your hep b vaccinations out of the way. you also need to get a titer done for varicella (chicken pox), to prove you had it. they will not accept a letter from your doctor for us, they wanted valid proof. if you didn't have chicken pox, you need to get your varicella zoster vaccination asap. you now need to have your meningicoccal vaccination, which we weren't told until the last second. good thing for me i was in the army and have every vaccination known to man inside my body. remember, never wait to do anything at the last second. they were turning away students left and right because they didn't have certain vaccines in a certain time frame. be prepared! you do not need your physical and drug test until you get the proper paperwork from coleman college, which you will receive on your 1st day of orientation. on your 1st day of orientation, they will check off everyone who has their vaccinations completed. now, wouldn't you like to be one of those lucky students who have everything (shots) completed so you don't have to mess with the hassel?

    immunization list:

    meningicoccal vaccination
    mmr (2 different times)
    hbv (3 different times)
    chicken pox titer or varicella zoster vaccination
    flu shot (seasonal) if in season*
    tb test or x-ray, if known + (lasts only 1 year)

    i hope i helped! :d good luck, everyone!
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    That is extremely helpful! Just to confirm that I understand the time frame: they will go over these requirements on the first day of pharmacology and we must fulfill them prior to the first day our actual classes within the nursing program begin. Is that correct? Thank you for your help!!!

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