Has anyone heard back from CHI St. Lukes 2017 summer residency program?

  1. I wanted to start a thread for CHI St. Lukes.
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  3. by   LSUNURSING2017
    I applied. I got an email to send in a few documents by a certain date. I sent it all in by the deadline but haven't heard back from them. I tried to call last week just to make sure they actually received my documentation, but my call was never returned.
  4. by   RNGIF
    Same here.
  5. by   futurenurseynurse
    St Luke's the woodlands and the vintage did interviews on the 16th of march. Not sure about other locations though!
  6. by   TL2017
    I was wondering if anyone had heard back from interviews from March 16 yet.
  7. by   RNGIF
    My first choice was the Med center location. Still waiting to hear from them.
  8. by   rnwannabe521
    I spoke with HR recently - they said that the recruitment team is still reviewing resumes and you will be contacted directly if you are chosen to move forward in the process
  9. by   N. Maren
    They actually contacted me today !
    They called to say that they are matching me to a unit and will give me a formal offer next week or so lol
  10. by   RNGIF
    Congratulations!! Happy for you.
  11. by   TL2017
    Congrats. Which facility? I got a call saying they would be making final decisions next week.
  12. by   N. Maren
    This was for the TMC location
  13. by   1217RN
    Did you call them first, or they called you first ?
  14. by   1217RN
    Congrats! In what area are you working ?
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