Grayson LVN Program

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    Hello, I am just looking to see if there are any other applicants out there waiting for acceptance into the Grayson LVN program for Fall 2013?

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    No Grayson LVN hopefuls?
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    I am anxiously waiting!
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    Me too, hopefully we will find out soon!
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    I get nervous every time I check my mail! Are you happy with your TEAS exam score?
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    I know the feeling! The TEAS was hard especially the science part, but overall I guess I feel pretty good about the just to see if it was good enough :-/ how do you feel about yours?
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    I feel ok about my score, I got a 78.8 but I really did not want to retake it so I am hoping it is good enough. I ran out of time on the math section but did well on the other sections. Last year they extended the deadline to apply so I am hoping they did not have to this year because I do not want to wait!
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    I scored in the lower 70's but I did not want to retake either, but now I am thinking maybe I should have? I hope they did not have to extend the deadline because this waiting is already horrific!!
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    I have been looking at previous year posts and I think a 70 is comparatively high so I think we have a good shot! I know a few people who have applied for this Fall and they are expecting letter today...not sure why but let me know if you get yours!!
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    I know 64's got in this Fall!

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