Grayson County College LVN peeps? - page 6

Curious who else is out there that is applying for LVN at Grayson? How'd you do on your TEAS? Anyone have any idea of what scores typically get in and is everyone else as anxious/nervous as I am?... Read More

  1. by   Katalina
    Cool! Thanks for doing that.
  2. by   Ike Arumba
    I turned my letter in about 3:15 this afternoon. lol I live in Sherman, so it's not that far and I didn't want to wait til Monday to turn it in. I guess that's why she didn't look too surprised to see me. Y'all had already been there! lol
  3. by   nursemommy4
    [QUOTE=nursemommy4;6675937]I started a Facebook page!!!!/groups/390582694337982
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  4. by   nursemommy4