Grayson 2013 Spring ADN Program - page 4

Here we go again:D ( I applied for fall 2012 and was denied ) Has anyone applied for spring 2013?... Read More

  1. by   lina777
    You still have a chance to get in. The last semester cut off at 27 points but it dropped to 25.
    Thanks for information.
  2. by   kmill93
    Thanks. I am very nervous too. I am hoping the the letters go out soon. Good luck! I hope you get in. : )
  3. by   lina777
    Thanks. I've applied with 27 points, I hope it's enough to get in!
  4. by   kmill93
    That's great! I only had 26. Good luck to us both. : )
  5. by   angiemealing
    I also applied for Fall admission with 27 points, and praying it is enough! When they talk about the cut off being 27, dose that mean everyone with 27 gets in, or anything above 27 gets in?
  6. by   lina777
    I hope everyone with 27 points gets in!
  7. by   Eclaire05
    That means 27 and up.. Is 27 the cut off for fall 2013?
  8. by   angiemealing
    I am not sure what the cut off is. I was just using my points as a baseline, so I could figure out what the cut off actually means! On Facebook, a lady said that the highest cut off ever was 27, and we should be receiving letters in mid June. Good luck, and I hope we all make it!!!!!
  9. by   Eclaire05
    Yeah last fall they cut off at 27.. They had a lot of applicants.. I was told 26 and 27 will usually get in sometimes higher sometimes lower.. I bet as long as you have all your stuff Complete 27 will get you in for sure... Good luck to us all.
  10. by   Bgarcia2
    I also have 27 points. I know that letters are sent out 4-6 weeks after May 31st. I am hoping its more like 4 weeks.
  11. by   angiemealing
    One of my friends got her acceptance letter today!!!
  12. by   lina777
    I got my acceptance letter today, too!!!
  13. by   Bgarcia2
    That's great! How many points did your friend have?