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Hello all, I want to know if any of all have or will be applying to the lvn nursing program at San Jac south or north campus?? I will probably apply next week. I am just waiting to get my transcript updated. Im very nervous and... Read More

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    I heard only 60 applied and they only accept 60... thats what one teacher said... if so then im super excited!! I think the letters should be in by next week!!
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    Awesome! So I guess as long as you passed you're in for this term. I can't wait!
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    I got my acceptance letter today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Can anyone tell me HOW MANY students are accepted for the LVN program each semester?
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    NVM cherishgirl answered my ? lol
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    Hi all was wondering if I could get some feedback on the san jac south lvn program as I'm applying for spring 2014 and will be doing the transition program. Wanted to get info on both programs. Thanks :-)
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    I just graduated from san jac LVN north campus and it was an awesome experience. The teachers were great. I would highly recommend it.

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