Everything to know about Lonestar and HCC programs

  1. Hello. I'm going to try to make this short, sweet, simple, and to the point.

    I'm a 20 year old single mother (and I mean I completely take care of my son by myself) and I'm moving to Houston (from Baton Rouge, Louisiana )in a month or so. My plan is to work for the rest of this year and start at either Lonestar or HCC Spring 2013. My dream is to become a CNM so apparently i have a long way to go.

    From what I've seen online, my plan is to get my Associates, hopefully go to UTHSC in Houston for RN-BSN, and then to Baylor in Dallas for grad school.Getting into the nursing program in Texas is WAYY different than it is here in Louisiana so I need to know WHAT to do. I would really like to get into Lonestar for nursing school but I'm not sure what I need and from what i'm hearing they're hard to get into, so I'm keeping HCC as another option.

    So, where should I go to take my pre-reqs? Can I take them at either Lonestar or HCC? For Hcc's Coleman college, do you take the pre req's there or at another campus?

    I've gone over both school's websites probably a million times now and I do plan on making a trip to the Schools within the next few weeks to speak with the councelors but any help from you all would help tremendously.

    I'm a really smart girl, and once i'm in a class I do very well. I've just had a few rough years with having to take care of my son alone. But i'm finally ready to get back into school and I've decided that THIS TIME i'm going all the way.

    -Future CNM
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  3. by   alex1987
    I think the pre-reqs for both HCC and Lone Star are the same. The only difference is that for HCC you have to take pharmacology before being admitted to the program while in Lone Star you can take it before or during the program, but it does not count for admission.

    You can take your pre-reqs in either college. Lone Star has 5 main campuses while HCC have multiple locations all over Houston. You go to Coleman only for nursing school and since Lone Star has a Nursing program in each of its campuses then it depends to which one you apply and are admitted.

    I'm about to start my 2nd semester in Lone Star CyFair and I only applied here so I'm familiar with Lone Stars admission process...
    Basically it's based on a point system. There are 3 sections of the application that you have to complete, each one of them is worth 4 points. The first one is your GPA for ENGL, PSYC and BIOL 2401 (A&P 1). Then you have to complete as most co-reqs (A&P 2, Micro, Speech, sociology, elective, etc) as you can to get 4 points on that section. Finally the last section are the points given to you based on your score on the HESI test. Usually the cut off for Lone Star campuses is around 11.6 or sometimes lower depending on the application period and the campus.