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El Centro nursing for spring 2010

  1. 0 Hi guys!
    I'm just wondering is there anybody who applied to El Centro nursing program for 2010??
    Did you guys get letters? what's your GPA? .
    I have 3.73 GPA (I have B on AnP1) and I was waiting a letter to see if I got in but I guess I didn't get in cuz today is the date that you will get the letter whether or not you get in right?

    Please share your information! Thank you!
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    I thought today was the day they send out all the letters.
    But... I could be wrong................
    I didn't get anything either in the mail...
    Now I'm really nervous...

    But how would they make sure when we receive the letters??
    Wouldn't it make more sense that they make sure the letters go out on the same day?? just my thought...

    anyone else who applied???
    by the way, I don't know why they don't just email the results like Brookhaven...
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    Hello everyone,
    Today is the day that the letters were mailed. We should start getting our letters tomorrw. I have a 3.68 so you have a better chance getting in than I do Lets just hope that we both get in! Post tomorrw if you get your letter and I will too. GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    Thank you for sharing your information guys! I thought that today was the date that we r supposed to get the letter... well, then, I will wait till tomorrow and I will post it for you guys!
    I hope we all can get in!
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    I will post when I get the letter...
    Let's hope we all get in and see each other soon~~!!!
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    Good luck everyone! I'll be stalking my mailbox tomorrow too!
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    I applied to both El Centro and Brookhaven. I applied to El Centro with a 3.07 (took Algebra 10 years ago and got a C and didn't retake for higher grade) so I am pretty confident I won't be getting into El Centro. I applied to Brookhaven with 31.42 points so I feel more confident about getting in there; we'll see. Letters went out yesterday so everyone should be getting them today or tomorrow. I am not nervous because I am already expecting the rejection letter. Best of luck to everyone...anyone else apply to Brookhaven? If so, how many points did you have?
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    So I waited for the mailman and my letter didnt come today. I live in Rowlett so I am a little bit out of town. I know for a fact that you get a letter whether you get in or not so we should all be expecting something. If you get in please post your GPA if you dont mind so I know my chances
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    No letter today for me either. I live in Denton county - hoping it comes tomorrow....with good news!
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    I haven't checked my mail yet cuz i'm still in school. anyway, I called northlake nursing department and said that all letters were sent out yesterday, so we will get the letters anytime soon.
    and Id. Bradibear! Hi! I didn't apply to brookhave nursing but I have a couple of friends who applied to nursing in brookhaven college. and I think you have high possiblity of getting into nursing program there. cuz what I heard from students, if you have over 30points, there's positive chance to get in. so, I think you have pretty much stable points for brookhaven nursing. I think brookhaven let you know through E-mail right? I hope you have good news soon! Good luck!
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    Man, I'm super nervous too. I applied to El Centro for Spring 2010 (only campus choice) as well. I was really expecting the letters to come today. I live in East Dallas so I bet it will be here tomorrow. It's probably a good thing that I work tomorrow... so that I don't drive myself crazy waiting on Mr. Postman. Hope everyone gets in!
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    So I got my letter and I did not get in . Even with a 3.6 and all suport courses done and a 92 on the HESI. Oh well I will apply again next semester. Please let me know how everyone else did. I hope you got better news than me!
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    I got a quick question.

    I just got the admission letter, but it says that I didn't get admitted because of my HESI score is expired.
    However, my HESI score is not expired. I also have the information on the eConnect website.
    They just printed out my HESI scoure from the Evolve website, and I found that my new HESI score is not updated on the website.
    I think, that's why they thought my HESI score is expired. They just considered the score (that is already expired) on the Evolve website.

    I am so embarassed.
    I called them but they didn't answer.
    Has anyone had heard about this kind of case?
    Of course I am going to drop by El Centro nursing office to claim this.