El Centro/Northlake Fall 2013 Nursing Program

  1. 0 Hi guys,
    I'm just wondering, is there any of you who will apply to the Nursing Program for the upcoming Fall 2013 Nursing Program?
    Which campus will you choose?

    I will be applying with 25 points. I hope that's enough to obtain a spot.
    The cut off was 20 points for the Spring 2013 application.
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    Moved to TX State Nursing Programs forum for more response.
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    Hello! I am also applying for Fall 2013. I am nervous about the cut off because i only have 21 points. Does anyone else have 21 points? I saw on the last blog that someone got accepted with 21 points for Spring 2013. I am trying to stay positive!
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    Stay positive!!! That is what I am doing. I only had 18 points for Spring 2013 so therefore I didn't get in because the cutoff was 20 points. Anywho I will have 22 points for Fall 2013. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope to meet some of you when we get in.
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    MzThunda- I actually have 20 points. Did the math wrong :/ But Still staying positive!! I hope to meet everyone as well Good luck to everyone!
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    20 points is still competitive! I am getting excited. We have so long to wait to hear. Good luck
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    Hey ladies! I'm applying with 25 points. Make sure you get all your shots, I had a friend turned down for no flu shot last spring. I can't believe we have to wait until May to hear back! Argh! Are y'all applying anywhere else? I'm applying to TWU, but... yeah freakin' right... lol.
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    Awesome on the 25 points. I have all my shots and double an triple checked everything. I also applied for Grayson and Collin. I feel good about El Centro tho. May is very far away. GOOD GRIEF!!
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    I'm applying in the fall as well. Has everyone done the information session? They said they would start to be online in Feb but all I see is the 2012 calendar.
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    I read the same thing. Don't know how that is working out, but I did attend an info session. This is my 2nd time applying to get in.
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    Hello ! I will also be applying for the Fall 2013 start program! Good luck to everyone!
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    Thanks Denisse. Good luck to you as well. How many points are you going in with?
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    I am applying also! I had 24 last time and didn't get in due to my shot record, so everyone check closely!! I'll be applying with 26 this time!! Good luck to everyone and hope to see y'all soon!

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