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Hi guys, I'm just wondering, is there any of you who will apply to the Nursing Program for the upcoming Fall 2013 Nursing Program? Which campus will you choose? I will be applying with 25... Read More

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    Now that's what I like to hear Louis0111. What is ordained by God cannot be touched. Don't be nervous, 25 points is very competitive, right along with my BLESSED 22 points. Hahahahaha. No worries!
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    Amen to that MzThunda! Louis0111, just believe that you're IN!
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    OMG! I just received an interview invitation for Brookhaven and I'm so nervous about the interview..
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    Yes.... lol
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    Quote from JanelleRowe
    Yes.... lol
    Nice to see you here! Not sure if you know me but I was in the class you would sit in on and in the study sessions you would join in the SLC
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    I am in the first semester class right now at Brookhaven; I am sure you will do fine. I don't know what the points for our class were, but generally I think we were all in the mid to high 30s before the writing and interviews. The interviews were good and bad, depending on the question and how your nerves were the day of. In the group of 5 that I was in, two of us stopped mid answer, apologized for completely losing track of our answer, and then started over. All they want to see is why you want to be there and that you DO want to be there (so start thinking that through now), not that you can answer their questions like a Rhodes Scholar. Everyone in my group got in... One of the groups that did have a person interviewing that didn't make it said that the girl pretty much gave very short answers and wasn't all that personable. So, try not to stress, it won't help... Smile and make GOOD eye contact with the 3 or 4 that interview you, and take a moment before answering to collect your thoughts if necessary. And don't be afraid to tell them that you are nervous. They know you are and saying so sometimes relieves the pressure and gets a little chuckle from them. BEST of luck!
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    Congratulations!!! Don't be nervous. Go in there with confidence and knock em dead.
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    I too received an email for an interview at Brookhaven. Little nerve wracking wondering what kind of questions they could possibly ask. Good luck to you Sinu83.
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    Congrats emaya1980! How many points did you have?
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    Hi! What's your name, other than Joshsmother? lol.
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    There's usually SO many people posting on these things that are applying for the coming up semester. I wonder why we don't have a lot of activity? I'm hoping that means there wasn't a ton of us that applied and we all get accepted. lol.
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    So while I wait, I stalk previous boards for ECC Nursing. Last year, letters were mailed out 4/15 or 4/16. The website says letters will be mailed 4/15 while the info packet says 5/15. Anyone know which is correct?
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    Last time I put my name here I was flagged. Email me at joshsmother@yahoo.com. Did you apply for fall?