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Hi guys, I'm just wondering, is there any of you who will apply to the Nursing Program for the upcoming Fall 2013 Nursing Program? Which campus will you choose? I will be applying with 25 points. I hope that's enough to... Read More

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    Hey guys, I applied both in el centro and brookhaven. I just want to know your opinion regarding which college I should choose. I have 35.71 points for brookhaven and 29 points for el centro. What do y'all think about the program of both?
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    Congrats on your points. I am sure you will be selected for both programs. I can not tell you which school to choose, but I will tell you to go with your heart. Good luck
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    Thank you so much MzThunda!
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    Has anyone heard anything about how many applied? Or any new gossip?! Lol
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    Nooooo just patiently waiting.
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    Lol. Well we have less than 2 months now.... I wonder when they know the minumum points. I dont get why it takes so long. It's 2013!!
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    Hi everyone! I am just looking into El Centro. I work for THR and hoped to get into the online AP BSN program at UtA I do not have a previous degree! They just made this Chang. So I am looking into ADN route and then bridge to BSN. I will have all the classes that add points ( psych, comps, etc). My big questions are, is there an online option? Can you work? Can I take classes at Northlake? Any info is appreciated!
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    Quote from JanelleRowe
    Is it a requirement? On the application is says "optional nursing info session". Asho2087 , what happened on the shots record the first time? I'm nervous that I'm going to miss something small, but they said they wont look at the apps prior to confirm we have everything. I really am not interested in getting declined on a technicality. lol. Did they confirm y'alls points or is that just what y'all are coming up with? I asked them to confirm my points.
    Did you take AP 2 @ TCC last fall??
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    LOL now you are making us nervous with your 29 point. Anyway good job Sinu83 you worked for it . I have 25 point by my calculation unless stated otherwise lol. But am optimistic that I will get in in jesus name. amen.
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    Now that's what I like to hear Louis0111. What is ordained by God cannot be touched. Don't be nervous, 25 points is very competitive, right along with my BLESSED 22 points. Hahahahaha. No worries!

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