Dallas Childrens Medical Center Residency Program Feb 2018 - page 4

Hey guys! The application for the nursing residency program at Children's Medical Center in Dallas ended today! I noticed there wasn't a thread about it yet! I found out about it last minute and... Read More

  1. by   newgradrntx
    Quote from sogbo223
    I interviewed Friday. One was a 6 person panel and One was 3 people. About 30-40 mins each
    what unit did you interview for?
  2. by   gt1315
    I think calls may be starting! I interviewed on Monday and received an offer today.
  3. by   UTABSN122017
    What department were you offered?
  4. by   gt1315
    ED in Plano
  5. by   UTABSN122017
    Has anyone else besides gt1315 heard from Children's?
  6. by   newgradrntx
    i have! i know alot of people who still havent though
  7. by   UTABSN122017
    What department did you get?
  8. by   cardiolove
    When did you get called? Did they happen to mention how many people they would be taking?