Cook Children's Residency - June 2014 cohort

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    Hi All -
    I'm just starting on my application for the June 2014 Cohort Residency program at Cook Children's Hospital. Anyone else out there also applying?

    Any Texas nursing students out there? I'm from Michigan and don't really know much about the program or the hospital. Also wondering if there's anyone out there who has applied in the past or has gone through the program in the past.

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    I have applied for the June 2014 cohort as well! Now I'm waiting as patiently as possible to hear if I have an interview or not.
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    I received a phone call yesterday to set up an interview! You?
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    Me too! Mine is Wednesday at one. I'm pretty nervous.. But really excited! Congratulations on getting the interview!
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    Thanks! Same to you! Mine is a Skype interview since I'm in Michigan. Mine is Wednesday morning. Are you from Texas?
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    Yes I'm from Texas. I actually grew up about 45 minutes from Fort Worth. It really is an amazing hospital. And there are a lot of options as far as apartments to rent in the area. If you don't want to live in the city there are several smaller suburban areas surrounding Fort Worth too.
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    Good to know! I've actually never been to Texas! It seems like an awesome hospital though. Trying to prep for this interview, not really sure what to even expect! Good luck tomorrow
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    Hi y'all!
    Hope your interviews went wonderfully! Has anyone heard anything from Cook Children's yet? I know they have until Friday to call but I was just wondering!
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    I haven't heard anything yet.. But the nurse resident who gave me my tour said she got her call on the last possible day.
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    Hope everyone's interview went well! Mine was over Skype, which was a bit weird, but it was the best option with such late notice. I would have LOVED a tour though!

    I also have not heard anything...If we do not get an offer, will we also hear by Friday the latest? I'm assuming they make offers to everyone first and then send rejection emails on Friday or Monday??

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