College of The Mainland Spring 2013 - page 4

Hello everyone, is there anyone applying for the Spring 2013 ADN programs at COM??... Read More

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    I'm #2 on the alternate list .
  2. Visit  rinamana profile page
    I am in.Yay.Goodluck to all alternates.
  3. Visit  LB1211 profile page
    Im in too!!!
    Aee you all soon
  4. Visit  amautmb profile page
    I am now #1 on the alternate list. So more waiting.....
  5. Visit  amautmb profile page
    Woohoo! I got a call this morning that I am in!
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    somebody applying to fall 2014 lvn to adn? how many do they accept in the transition program? this is the the only school I am applying/ and i am very confused with the ATI scoring? i made 84% on the reading comprehension. i dont know if i should retake the teas V. thank you =)

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