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    Do you guys know of anywhere that the Hep B shot is at a low cost to people without insurance?

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    Galveston county health district (four seas). I know the titter is 25 I wouldn't think the shot is much more. Most Dr offices charge about 75 for it.

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    The clinic the PP is talking about has a agreement with COM for the titer so we get a waiver. They charge more for the vaccine because we don't have a waiver for that vaccine. Try the health distric clinic off 45 and 517 (its in the shopping center with baskins) it's 10 if you can pay at that time, if not they will do it for free. They won't turn you away.
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    Yea that's the same clinic just the Dickinson location. Immunizations only. The same staff go between the two offices. They do tb testing there as well.

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    The clinic I am talking about doesn't do titers though, that's why I thought we were talking about different ones.
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    Help! is health assessment at 1pm or 9am? And do we hv to wear scrubs for skills?
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    It's at 1 and scrubs are not until clinicals
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    Thanks alot
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    Thanks for the Info I went to Four Seas next to Sams In TX City and paid $10 for my Hep B shot

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