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Has anyone had any experience attending Nursing school at College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas? I have looked at thier pass rates with the state. How is the program there? Any advice on... Read More

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    @rocket ryder- Hurry and get that titer because I'd hate for you to be in my shoes and have to restart the series. I wont get the 3rd shot until december. I hope that doesnt mess up anything or put me behind. Im going to get my TDaP, Hep B #1, and TB test in the morning and then I will be on a manhunt for a clinic to do my varicella titer after that. Then FINALLY i can turn in everything... (if the titer goes well) Prayers are welcome... lol.

    I havent even begun to think about supplies becasue I've been having issues with my paperwork. I looked at the schedule as well and I like how the classes are set up. It allows for a lot of study time. (which im sure we will need) Orientation is not coming fast enough!

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    @TX_Nurse i thought that the HepB series had to be completed before school began? Do they allow us that much time to get our immunization done?
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    I called the school and she told me since I had already had the series it would be ok. I just have to show the proof that it was done and my negative titer. I will have the first two shots before school starts but the last one has to be 6 months after the first. I just took the first one today so the last wont be until december. I'm gonna call again just to make sure.
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    Tx Nurse to be: You will be fine with the hep series. I am in the same shoes. It is only for their liability and your safety of course! But if the series does not work a second time(titer 8-12 after last series shot) then your Dr just writes a letter that you have low immunities and you can and will still be able to be a nursing student and nurse in the future! This is what my Dr, Com's nursing Assistant, and my Mother(25 yr nurse) has told and reassured me!
    Hope this helps!
    So i am assuming that we do not need to buy scrubs until right before the 2nd 8 weeks. I know to wait until our orientation to see what they want us to do, but I will be relying on financial aid for my uniforms. At other schools we wear told we had to have at least $500 up front for uniforms and supplies.
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    For COM I am estimating about $30 per pair of scrubs(probably only 1-2 pair if they are only needed for clinicals), $50-$70 for shoes (I want the cute nursemates), $70-$140 for a stethoscope, and about $50 for various other needed supplies (like bandage scissors, etc)
    Now San Jac says to be prepared to spend around $500 but they require "special" scrubs that can only be purchased through the school, for both class and clinicals... They are so proud They even require everyone to have special matching rollawway backpacks and nursepacks! Just another way to make a profit I am sure...

    I am taking my BLS CPR Wednesday morning at UTMB (only $25) and already have the background check done since it was a requirement with my San Jac application and they accepted it. I get my Flu vx, Tdap, TB skin test and Hep B Titer done tommorrow morning... I had a tetanus (Td) done last year after a dog bite but apparently it wasn't the Tdap they need...go figure! All my other vx are already done. My MMR vax are from when I was a child, and have been told it will be fine. I went ahead and just got the 2 varicella vx since it was really cheap and I had a hard time finding a place to do a titer for it for a decent price. Even though its not required I would highly recommend getting the Hep A vx too!!! You just never know

    BTW, for the Hep B titer, it is advisable to wait 6-8 weeks after getting the 3rd dose, before having the titer done!!!

    I am looking forward to the Orientation and can't wait to start! I have decided to go with COM over San Jacinto, so this will be my school Its about $300 cheaper per semester AND much closer to my house so the gas savings will be trememndous and right now thats a HUGE plus!
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    Another episode in the days of my life...

    So the community clinic called and let me know that my titer results are wrong. The computer system they use had not been updated and the wrong test was done... (GREAT...) I have to go back and repeat the titer... But here's the problem... I restarted the Hep B series yesterday...

    If I haven't gone insane by July 18 I look forward to seeing you all at orientation!!!

    @rocket ryder- Welcome Back! lol
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    It was a long thought out process...but I think its for the best. I still want to know what if I am in at San Jac though...

    Sucks about having to restart then finding out it was probably ok to begin with.

    I got my Tdap, TB skin test and Hep B titer done today. My left arm isn't liking me much today...I get the skin test read on Thursday and should have my titer results Friday.

    For the 'health release' do we need to get a physical? Or is it more like just ask your doctor to fill it out? Also, I am wondering who I am going to ask to fill out and sign that vax sheet? I don't really ahve a regular dr. except for my
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    My left arm feels the same (Tdap), Right is sore (Hep B) and my TB test i believe was too deep so my forearm is sore as well. Getting mine read tomorrow and getting my titer redone and while they are at it, they can just draw up a vile for my varicella titer.

    I tried to get my doctor to just fill out my health release but they made me do a mini physical anyway. I got my doctor to do my immunization history yesterday when I got my shots done.
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    Well I don't have coverage through my insurance for vaccines or the tb test or the hep b titer, so I got my vaccines at the immunization clinic and then the titer was done at the county medical clinic. Guess I may need to set up a dr appt so I can get the 'physical' and just have them verify my vaccs and sign off on both my vacc sheet and physical release!

    Ugh...Just more to have to do. I am really hoping that at my CPR class tomorrow I get my card immediately and don't have to wait...If I have to wait, I hope it comes in in time...
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    They had from da clinic about the tesr being wrong too n I had already started my hep b serious again boooooo

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