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Has anyone had any experience attending Nursing school at College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas? I have looked at thier pass rates with the state. How is the program there? Any advice on application/ acceptence?... Read More

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    Quote from rocket_ryder
    Ya I figured it out...but I feel a little slow now...

    It would be so nice to get financial aid... *sigh
    I still owe money from past student loans, so this is very helpful right now. I dont think I'll have enough to cover the entire program since I already have what's equivalent to an associate's. I will enjoy it as much as I can, then I'll figure it out how to pay for the rest.

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    Hey fellow nursing students. I'm just starting me 2nd year at com and I have to say I really think that they have an awesome nursing program. For you guys that have to many credits to apply for financial aid, I was in your same boat. I had already completed an associates and had about 120 hours completed so I appealed to the financial aid committee and was awarded a full pell grant as were many other nursing students. Com also keeps the nursing students up to date with many scholarship programs. Before attending com I had never received any assistance and now I have a full paid scholarship, a pell grant and I just took out my first subsidized loan. All of this has helped me tremendously so I don't have to work and can focus solely on nursing school. I recommend all of you guys try for the financial aid and the scholarships they offer. Many of the students in my class have a scholarship through utmb called nepp. I believe everyone who applied for it got it. Good luck you guys. See y'all in the fall!
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    Hi everyone!! First and foremost I wanted to say congratulations to everyone who has been accepted to nursing school. I to will be starting COM's ADN program this fall (cant wait). I have been following this thread for a while now and have gotten a lot of helpful information from you guys. Thank you. I also applied for financial aid but was denied because i had to many credits. I picked up an appeal packet. I was wondering if anyone had any input on filling out the appeal or the appeal process???? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Also I talked to the COM foundation and the lady said that they are opening up the website for scholarships for just a short period of time this week. They are opening it specifically for the students got into the nursing program since we were not aware until after the scholarship application deadline had passed.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Who else is excited for tomorrows orientation
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    I can't wait!!! I'm sure we will be overloaded with information but I'm ready for it all! See you guys tomorrow!
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    It doesn't really say anything about lunch....should we bring our own or should we assume it is being provided? I guess they have a cafeteria in case they don't....

    Does anyone know where the room is that we are supposed to go to? I know its like L131 but I have no clue where that is!
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    I'm ready!! The room is right across the library, I think is the auditorium.
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    Well now that orientation is out of the way... On to important things... Anyone have info for books? I'm not a bookstore kinda girl and CLEARLY there are no nursing books there now anyway. Can we buy used books? I shop online at its the absolute best! Let me know if you guys know anything. :-)
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    I don't remember them saying anything about purchasing a stethoscope, by when or what kind, but I could have zoned out or been in the restroom I guess....Did they?

    I guess we don't need our scrubs or shoes until clinicals start right? I don't feel like the orientation was very infomative about the specifics. They seemed more concerned with paperwork, the drug screen, and that handbook.... not to mention incredibly poor time management.

    I am going in the morning to register for all my classes since it can't be done online. I want to be there when they open so I don't have to wait forever!!! Oh and to show the nursing dept my SSN card since they so graciously let us know we would need it prior to orientation check in! I mean I don't carry that thing around with me all the time!

    I called the bookstore to find out about the skills kit, but they had no clue as to what all was in it or when it would be available. All they could tell me was to contact the instructor for information on it. They said the booklist would be available probably the first week of august....

    IMHO I think that the orientaion should have included the book lists at least. I am super excited to begin, I just hope that things are more organized in the program than what has been displayed so far.
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    No they didn't discuss the stethoscope. I'm assuming we just need the regular one with the swivel head thing. I guess it was implied with the fashion show. I registered the day of orientation. It didn't take long we were the only people in line. Its th financial aid and advisement tha takes al day. The bookstore is changing companies so the staff know absolutely nothing. I looked up books on the faculty info/syllabus pahe for he spring. Hopefully we need the same books.

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