Bryan/College Station area

  1. Any recommendations on where a new grad should apply in the College Station/Bryan area? I'm not picky, I just simply need a job and to relocate.

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  3. by   boricualuna
    Bryan/ college station has several hospitals. In Bryan you have St. Joseph Regional Health Center and The Physician Centre. In college station you have College Station medical center and Scott and white will soon open in August. You can goggle these facilities and apply for positions online. Good luck
  4. by   MessyMomma
    If you're still looking, I saw a bunch of positions at the new Scott & White in College Station. Quite a few 'new grad/intern' positions.
  5. by   Stride
    Thanks for the suggestions. I have so far applied to College Station Medical, Scott and White and St. Joseph. I'm in the process of printing out my app to The Physician Centre, though it looks like they aren't hiring nurses right now. Scott and White doesn't look like they are hiring new grads seeing as they have no selected every application I have submitted (it could be because I haven't taken my boards). I also applied in Brenham at Scott and White. I have previously applied for St. Joseph's new grad program and interviewed twice. I never heard a response back after my second interview. I applied again for Surgical and it appears my applications are just on file. So it's a waiting game.
    Also, when I posted this message I was in the process of studying for my NCLEX and getting ready to take it. Due to a late grad date submission and lack of testing dates I was supposed to test this week. But PearsonVue's camera's not working, my NCLEX was postponed another two and a half weeks, which makes me not exactly an applicant to look at.