Austin area new grad job opportunities- other then Seton/St. Davids??

  1. Hi-
    I'm moving to Austin after graduating in May. I will have my ADN plus a non-nursing BS. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other practices/places that are willing to hire new grads? I have already applied to Seton and St. Davids- but I am willing to work anywhere that will give me some experience- like LTC, home care, etc. I have been researching places, but I'm interested if anyone knows of places that specifically like to hire new grads.

    I will be living on the southern side of austin- so I'm trying to look for places that aren't central/northern (I've visited often and am not interested in trying to commute to north austin in traffic). I'd be willing to commute south of Austin though.

    I also have a work background in mental health/behavioral health (although ideally I'm not interested in starting my nursing career back there).
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  3. by   jethan
    Hi Valnoslo! I am also a new grad and was wondering if you had any luck/advice about moving to Austin and finding a job as a new grad nurse.
  4. by   Valnoslo
    Hi Jethan,
    No, not really. I've interviewed for two positions with Seton's versant program, but I'm not holding my breath for either. Because I am moving from a compact state (I won't be in Texas until mid-may) I can't finish my application to the TBON until I arrive and can get my fingerprints done... So I decided to just wait to start applying to other places until after I am settled and licensed. I was just hoping to network a little prior to getting down there. =)
    Good luck- let me know if you hear anything promising.
  5. by   Purkinje
    The St. David's system expects to hire around 150 new grad nurses this summer. They are developing a GN residency program as well; I didn't go through it, but some of the nurses who were hired after me did.

    Austin is very competitive for new nurses. Outside of the big hospital systems, we have the usual opportunities like rehab, SNFs, etc. ASH, which is a state psychiatric facility, hires new grads as well. There are also a couple of pediatric home health agencies in the area who love to hire nurses right out of school.

    South of town, there are smaller hospitals in New Braunfels and San Marcos, but I can't speak to their hiring practices.
  6. by   jethan
    I had one interview for a Seton position at Dell's in early March but I'm from Pennsylvania and am not holding my breath for it, either. It is extremely competitive. I just graduated and really want to move to Austin but I am hesitant to go without a job offer. It seems impossible to get a job!!!
  7. by   jethan
    I applied to St. David's in February but I think we are all sitting in the GN pool and from reading other posts, people have said that typically you have to know someone to get in.
  8. by   jethan
    Purkinje, when you say St. David's will hire 150 new grads this summer, do you mean for the September start date? -Oops, I just read their website and answered my own question.
  9. by   Valnoslo
    Thank you for responding Purkinje.