Anyone heard of Carenet?

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    Has anyone ever worked as a nurse for Carenet in Texas? If so, how well are nurses paid? Are the benefits affordable for a large family?

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    I don't know what they need with a nurse. The only medical thing they do is give pregnancy tests and false information.
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    The ones here perform ultrasounds as well. Sorry, I am not sure what the pay/benefits are but I did hear that they train with the department of health and get many educational opportunities.
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    I just finished my 2 week remote training with Carenet and cannot say enough wonderful things about the people that make up this great company! From the initial interview to the outstanding training, I have been very impressed that they actually respect nurses! They recruit from 13 different states and offer a growing opportunity for advancement. The computer training is intense and a lot of information is given out over the training period but if you can grasp the computer aspect this may be an ideal position for you. I love being able to be at home and I live rural so was fortunate to have the internet speed available to handle the IT requirements for service. No more 1 1/2 hour one way commutes for me. Base pay in in the low $20's to start and the insurance is high for a family plan but there is opportunity for bonuses each month and no gas, wear and tear on your vehicle to drive to your job!

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