Anyone from Dallas Theological Seminary and Baylor University Medical Center?

  1. Hi, I know this might be a very small population I'm targeting but I was just curious as to if anyone here is a student at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) and working literally across the street at Baylor University Medical Center.

    I was visiting DTS recently and spoke with the admissions staff and they mentioned that they have a handful of students who are studying full-time to get their degrees whilst working at Baylor across the street.

    "Yeah we have a handful that just walk across the street for work after class! And some come to class in their scrubs!" (I cringed at the last part because of infection control but I'll stay on the optimistic side and think that their clothes were not soiled in any way)

    My question:
    How are you able to balance seminary and work at Baylor? What schedule are you working? What classes can work around your work schedule?

    Any difficulties with balancing graduate school and work?

    I spent the day as a student during Chapel and went to two classes (Historical Theology with Dr. Bingham and NT 102 Honors with Dr. Daniel Wallace). Those two classes were hard!

    Background info: I do not have any biblical studies background but I am interested in getting my Masters in Theology - Youth Education or New Testament Studies. I love learning languages (eg: greek) and I do enjoy syntax studies and exposition. I know I will need to take the basic classes first so it's ok with me.

    Also, I intend to study to get my DNP someday too. Call me crazy but I figured since I'm young and single, I wish to use my abilities in nursing and in ministry to the fullest to help serve those in need.

    Any insight would be wonderful! Having Baylor right next to DTS is like a dream come true to me!
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  4. by   misskait

    I am not in Texas but came across your thread. I just got hired at a hospital in Orange County (where I live), and am considering also doing part-time studies at Talbot School of Theology. Did you end up joining seminary, and if so how has that worked for you doing both seminary and nursing?

    God bless!
  5. by   JetBlitz
    Hey MissKait,

    I didn't do part-time studies in seminary after all. It's still a possibility in the future if the Lord wishes for me to go that route, but currently He's keeping me where I'm at. I'm sorry; I wish I could have been more of a help!

    However, when I was visiting Dallas Theological Seminary, I spoke with the admissions office and they said they have a few students who do part-time school/work. It works out very well but they needed to be very strict with their time-management so they can study well.

    God Bless!