Anyone Applying for TJC for Spring 2012? Anyone Applying for TJC for Spring 2012? | allnurses

Anyone Applying for TJC for Spring 2012?

  1. 1 I am hoping to apply for the Tyler Junior College ADN Program in August and start the program in the Spring of 2012...Sounds sooooo far!! Is anyone else out there applying?? I'd love to talk to someone else in the same boat!!
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    Hello im hoping to apply to either the summer 2012 adn program or the fall 2012!!! I have a few classes to take before i can apply
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    my granddaughter is hoping to apply for the spring semester. It would depend on what the schedule is - like how many days a week class would be?? times of classes etc - does anyone know where we can go to get this info? and any other information would be really good. Good luck to you guys in your future
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    Did she apply? I did and I know a few other girls I've met in different classes applied also. We are all anxiously waiting for news. As far as class schedule, I think they give it to you once you are in. I have met a couple of girls who are in it, and they all said they never knew anything until the orientation. Hopefully, we'll hear some (good) news soon. I have been looking to see if there are any threads about any recent TJC nursing classes, but not too many. Good luck to your granddaughter!
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    I applied and just found out that I got in. So Spring 2012 starts Jan 17, 2012!
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    I just found out that I got accepted today! I'm so stoked!
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    Wooohooo!! I was begining to think no one would ever reply to this thread! I got my letter on Thursday too and I am SOOO excited!! I already got my drug test and background check done and about to start these shots! I have met three others ladies from TJC who applied and all got in. Kinda shocked that orientation is not until Jan 11. I was kinda hoping we'd know more details sooner. Congratulations and hope to get to meet you both Jan 11th!
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    Yeah, I was shocked to see that orientation was less than a week before classes started. I have to make arrangements for work to the best of my knowledge. I'm getting my background/drug testing done tomarrow and starting on my shots as well, a little later than I had hoped, but it's been a hectic week! Congrats to all who got in!
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    yes i did apply and was accepted to the program and panola too so confused which one to attend
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    me too and panola too but what do u think, which one would you rather attend, confused
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    Hummm, good question. I don't know much about Panola, but I have been told by many in the East Texas area that TJC has one of the best programs in Texas. Is Panola in Carthage? If so, how long would your drive be to either place? I am sure if you start a thread with that question, you will get a response. Good luck with your decision!