Anyone apply for the Kingwood Medical Center GN Academy Internship, July 2012? - page 2

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I was just wondering if anyone has applied or heard anything from the hospital?... Read More

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    Nope! Still waiting for a call back.
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    nope! haven't heard anything either
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    only got an email asking what my 1st and 2nd units of interest were.
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    When did you get the email?
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    anybody hear anything yet? I haven't andI've worked there a year lol..ughhh
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    lol nothing over here either!
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    Nothing. I called and haven't got a call back. Waiting....
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    Got an email on friday and another one today frm a diff recruiter askking about units.
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    I also got an email asking about units last Friday. The recruiter told me that they are still reviewing applications. Hopefully we will hear something soon!!
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    got a call today for interview