Any tips for getting a Clinical Assistant position at a Seton hospital?

  1. So I'm a nursing student at UT Austin Nursing, and less than 2 weeks ago I applied for this CA position through the Seton system. It was absolutely ideal --- it was full-time (rent's not cheap when you live alone!), during the Night shift (I'm a Night Owl, and it would fit in perfectly with my class schedule!), and best of all, it gives me all this floor experience that I desperately need outside of clinicals.

    And on the status, it just says "020 - Applied". Seton's good about updating their jobs system. If the position had been filled, the computer screen would have said so.

    On the job app, I met all the qualifications. It even asked on there if I were a nursing student, and I checked off 'Yes'.
    I even coincidentally made an acquaintance with a Seton staffing recruiter, and she told me she'd let her manager know about my file.
    And even more than that, I went to FedEx Kinko's, printed out the cover letter and resume on expensive resume paper, and mailed them in. (The computer system didn't let me send in a cover letter).

    What should I do to make sure my odds of securing an interview go up?
    I really really really want this job!
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  3. by   1hbomb
    Hi! I was wondering how everything worked out for you? Did you end up getting a job?