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    I am currently a Platt college student and i can't argue that our school has some problems as i imagine as does every other nursing school in dallas or where ever!!! But i personally feel that education is what u make of it. If u are focused on the teachers and there lack luster attitudes then you will forever have a problem with the school. You are your biggest motivation no one else so focus on that and i'm sure that will get you through. If nothing else the thought of my $$$31,000 ALWAYS keeps me sane!!! OH BTW...i know that anatomy teacher someone spoke of and she def. had a stick up her butt about well she's gone now!!!

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    Well, I did it!! I'm now an LVN!!! I can honestly say my experience at Platt was a good one!!! I can only speak for myself!!! I enjoyed my teachers!! I think that if a person is having a problem with a teacher, there's a way to handle that situation without acting a nut!! Let's face it, ur teachers can break u in nursing school!!!! I advise anyone, if ur having a problem, go to that teacher and talk to him/her without anger and being mouthy, u would be surprised how much farther u would get!!! You have to put yourselves in their shoes...and let's face it, some of our classmates can be quite rude and disrespectful!! They are humans too!!!! I have a family member that just graduated from DNI, and guess what...she had some of the same problems...u just gotta take care of business, and make sure u learn what u need to tackle that NCLEX!! Good Luck!!!!

    Class of 10/10!!!!!!! Yesss!!!!!
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    This is the worst school for LVN. I DO NOT suggest going there. First off let me tell you about my experience with Platt Clooege of Dallas. I needed a education fast being a single parent. I have been in the Medical feild as a CNA for about 6 years so i have some knowledge of what Nursing tasks consist of. When i first contacted the school they basically harrased me until i came in for an "admissions" interview. So knowing this was really the closest school to home and the fastest way to get my license i agreed to come in after numerous calls. The interview was basically to tell me how much i was going to pay for my education and to make the school sound like it was top notch because it was a private school. I had done as much research as i could about the school but i found little information. So i figured why not. I would be done in 13 months and able to make double what i am now. They had me take and entrance exam which was basic math and reading. My toddler could make a high schore on it. this is basically to make sure sure the people coming into the the school can speak and understand english. So i scored very high on the test and was excepted in to the school. The total cost of a 13 month fast track program is $31,000. But since i am a single mother i got a $11,000 grant. so i owe right under 20 grand for my ****** education. The school basically has you teach yourself. some of the teachers are good at teaching the basic knowledge of nursing but when i took my Nclex there were alot of things on there that differed from what they taught us in class. We went over Pharmocology MAPYBE 2 hours a day and i barely learned any meds. So there where alot of med i had never even heard of when it came to the nclex as well. by the grace of god i passed. All because i taught myself. There is nothing but Africans on visa's going to the school that cheat there whole way through. literally. And the school doesnt care. they dont do anything about the cheating. all they care about is collecting there money. out of 30 students in my class that graduated only 8 have passed the Nclex. Myself included. And they were all white, hispanic or black americans. Because they didnt cheat. The drama at the school gets worse and worse with each hood rat they enoroll. there is only 2 clinical sites where as other schools have at least 5 to 8. And at one of the sites all u do is sit there all day. and do paper work or study for school. The other one is a ghettoh facility where all the nurses treat you like **** and expect you to do there job. And the instructors arnt much help either. One of the clinical instructors would go out to his car and smoke weed at lunch break and sleep in his car. and half the time you couldnt find him and when you did he was hitting on the nurses or playing with his phone. we had a guy in our class that was legally blind. he could see he just couldnt drive, or cross streets and his depth perception was off and they allowed him intot he program. he never gave one shot, did trach care or ANYTHING. and he passed his nclex. now that is scarey. he is goign to kill someone. its like all they want is your money. one teacher is such a nut case she emailed a student and it accidently went to the whole class saying "god is a whore" and how the world is goign to end and she decode words for the government and all this off the wall crazy ****. they are not professional what so ever at the school. and after they graduate they harrass you to find a job and when you get yourself a job they call and verify you work there and then they post it on this big billboard at the school saying "Jobs Platt has helped student get" like they found the job for the students or soemthing. im like WAY out of school passed my boards and everything and they STILL call me trying to get me to give them information about my career. I actually had one instructor tell me, when i confronted her about the africans cheating say "well what we do is collect all there government loans, and when we get the final payment we start kicking them out and if we cant prove the cheating then, they never pass the Nclex anyway" So in other words they take money from people who cheat, alloow them to stay in school and then allow them to graduate thinking "there not going to pass the Nclex anyway" well what if they do? then u have people who cheated there way through school and killing innocent people bc the school allowed them to stay in for money. One of the most greedy schools i have EVER come across in my life. I am thinking about contacting the state board of nursing and the federal government about this whole situation. We had a student rip a catheder out of a male patient without deflating the balloon first and it required surgery to fix. The school is a walking time bomb. DO NOT waste your time or money going here. Its like your in the hood or something. People always fighting, weave laying all over the ground, the students are out of control and threaten other students with voodoo and spells and crazy african ****. its insane. oh and u cant forget about the whole "discrimination" thing when one of the africans gets in trouble. We had student get kicked out of class for plagerism and ALL the africans (which was about 90% of the class) made a PETITION asking all the students to sign it for the ones that got caught cheating to come back. I didnt sign that **** but alot of people did. of course they were told no. Oh and another thing, the teachers change on a daily basis, they cant handle the out of control students and how they are treated. so they quit. thats what one of my problems was. in the 16 months i was there we had TEN difrfent teachers. TEN. it was insane. Also they say its 13 months but it isnt. its like 16 to 18. Thats what it ends up being. They lie lie lie. Worst school in the world. I give them no credit what so ever for my education. I give it all to myself. Becasue i had to bust my ass and literally read 24/7 in order to even learn anything. And also another thing i want to point out is when people see you have an education from platt, they wont hire you. Alot of hospitals and Drs know about the school hence why they only have like 2 clinical sites. dont waste your time going there. please go to El Centro. Concord is just as bad as Platt. Or enroll into a community college. Everything comes with a price and you dont wanna waste time and money on something that probably wont ever happen for alot of people. i think its a scam and there frauds. they dont care about the students or teaching they care about the money. thats it plain and simple. i really hope you take my advice and stay away from this school. hopefully the place will be shut down. its sad it gives a bad name to the black americans, hispanics and whites that really are good students and will make good nurses and then cant find a job when they get out of school because no one wants to hire you if you went there.
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    Also the rate of passing is the rate of passing the program not the NCLEX. they have a 76% avg of passing the nclex where as other schools have 86% and above. they in the WHOLE state of texas are the LOWEST passing rate for the nclex. the program also is 97% passing rate of the LAST semester. We started with 55 students and ended with 26 and only 8 of those 26 passed the NCLEX. you do the math.
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    Quote from dixon518
    Thinking about attending the LVN program in Dallas. Wondering how it compares to DNI?
    Warning!!! Platt College is a joke!!!! Drama is not all they have, they also have a warning listed on the Texas Board of Nursing website. I was a student there and hate the day I wasted my time and money stepping through there doors. Concorde is a much better program for LVN.

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