any new grad positions in Houston, Tx for May 12 grads?

  1. I'm a BSN student set to graduate in may 2012 and have been applying to new grad programs in Houston. So far, I have applied to St. Lukes and St. Joseph's. The memorial hermann apps ended in November of last year! Cy-Fair has a Versant program, but I called the nurse recruiter twice and she hasn't answered or returned my messages. And Methodist requires a 3.2 GPA to apply...I only have a cumulative 2.9 which I am hoping will be a 3.0 by the time i graduate. My nursing GPA is a 3.0 though. I wanted to know if anyone knew of any other hospitals that will accept new grads, even if it's not a designated residency program. If anyone knows of when applications go up/down for any other hospitals in the Houston area, please let me know!
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  3. by   applejacks36
    i graduated in december from an accelerated second degree bsn program. my last semester of nursing school was really intense, and i was more concerned about graduating than finding a job. so, i decided to graduate, study for nclex, pass, and then worry about a job. i did just that. passed nclex in early february, and thought finding a job would be a snap since i was now a licensed rn with a bsn. plus, i was always told bsn’s are in high demand, and was lead to believe by the dean of my university that second degreed bsn’s would have no issues finding employment.

    this is further from the truth. i am no better off than any other nursing grad despite the second bachelor's degree. i have applied everywhere, and have only gotten a response from methodist in the med center. unfortunately,the recruiter was only calling to tell me that she liked my resume, gpa, and passion, but she didn’t have any positions in my interest area (women’s services). she did tell me that she was going to place me on a list for if and when a position opens up in the nicu or l&d.

    i walked into christus st. catherine’s hr office in person to inquire about gn internships. i live in katy, and would love to work right down the road from my home. i was told that the christus st. catherine gn internship program had been suspended due to budget cuts. she did tell me to apply for positions anyway, because they would never place any nurse, experienced or not so experienced, by them self in a new position. there is always a training period regardless of experience. i applied to a nursery/level ii nicu position with christus, and did get an e-mail today telling me to complete paperwork for a background check. they could do this for every candidate, but hoping at the very least it means they are interested in extending an interview to me. fingers crossed...

    other places i have applied, but have yet to hear anything despite my relentless phone calls to recruiters: west houston, st. luke’s, methodist sugar land, memorial hermann, the women’s hospital, and southhealth. i’m still waiting on texas children’s to open up their gn internship.

    my advice, just be persistent, and don’t give up hope. although i don’t like to hear it, i’ve been told it’s very common for new grads to search for several months before finding something. out of 45 graduates from my program, 85% of us still haven’t found jobs 4 months later. sad, but makes me realize i'm not alone.
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  4. by   Genu9ine
    I am in the exact same position! Ive started applying outside of Houston and have an interview for a hospital in San Antonio. There are so few spots for so many new grads. Im interested in being on a maternity floor too, and that has far less spots for the number of ppl interested. Keeping up hope though
  5. by   ParagodTeacher
    My wife graduated a May 2011 from UTHSCH and has yet to get a job. She has applied everywhere. Everyone that applies at Christus fills out the background check and they never call back, sorry for that info. It is crazy that new nurses are not able to get jobs. We live in Katy too and Memorial Hermann Katy won't hire GNs and neiter will Methodist West. Just keep applying.
  6. by   applejacks36
    hi all!
    just an update. i had an interview with memorial hermann southwest yesterday for their summer 2012 l&d internship program. i interviewed with the nursing director and nursing manager. they were wonderful! after the interview, they gave me a very detailed 30 minute tour of the unit, and were introducing me to every person walking down the hall. i also met most of the nursing staff, and physicians available. fingers and toes crossed!

    i have recently seen methodist west houston in katy open their new grad internship program for this summer. however, i couldn't find it on their website today just a week after it was posted. i have 4 fellow nursing school friends who were hired with methodist west houston before graduating in december 2011. so, they do hire new grads. i just don't believe they hire many, as they are still fairly new to the community of katy. my friend who works in their l&d unit is often bored due to low patient census. maybe not the best learning conditions for a new grad.

    memorial hermann katy doesn't traditionally hire new grads. i know this for a fact because i did my med/surg clinical rotations with mh katy and was told by the nursing director that she feels new grads are too dangerous. i thought that was very rude of her to tell to a group of hard working nursing students. her loss really, grad nurses have a lot to add to a program. however, other mh locations do hire new grads. you just have to check their website often and be persistent. i applied for the l&d internship in mid february, and made phone call after phone call to hr. i just got a phone call last week about my interview with mh southwest, 2 months after i applied.

    texas children's has also opened their gn internship program as well for the summer.

    the key is to check all the hospital websites everyday. sometimes these positions are only open for a few days, so you don't want to miss an opportunity for a potential job. good luck everyone!!
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  7. by   yvfair
    FYI: Memorial Hermann Northwest has 4 new grad RN positions listed on the website for the ER. If you're interested in working ER, apply there