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Applications open on Monday! :yeah: Hoping that there are a few other LVN's hanging around here that plan to apply. I graduated from Alvin's LVN program last year, and will also be applying to UTMB for Fall 2011 since I have all... Read More

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    Just wanted to say good luck! I was accepted at Alvin but also at Wharton. Wharton won because less traffic for me. That was a couple of years ago. The summer schedule was CRAZY! We had a test every few days. It basically covered what the brand new ADNs covered their first year. Good thing was as a LVN, you are already (sorta) familiar with the contents. Our class "merged" with the generics (regular 2 yr ADN students) in the Fall.

    It is so worth it, money-wise and opportunity-wise.

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    Wow! I am in the process of applying to both Alvin and Wharton. Its encouraging that you were accepted in to both. The deadlines are fast approaching and I am getting nervous. If I get accepted to both..I think I'll choose Wharton as well...because of the proximity to where i live.
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    OMG(osh) I don't have the ability to send private messages. No I didnot get in. I was so hurt, I didn't talk to anyone for 2 days, my husband was a big help in encouraging me to go forward and apply again next year. Rejection is hard especially when you want something so bad. I am praying to God to give me guidance on what to do in the mean time. Thank you so much for thinking of me-I am doing okay now.
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    I am looking into applying at Wharton (sugarland campus) and Alvin for the ADN Spring admission.
    I'm really nervous, and I'm hoping to get into Wharton for distance issues. The deadline for applications to Wharton is in July, and Alvin is September, I believe.

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