AE MSN University of Texas 2013 - page 9

Anybody else interested in or applying to the AE MSN program at UT-Austin for summer of 2013? I'd love to start a group discussion to help each other with questions and concerns people might have.... Read More

  1. by   texas2013
    Hi there,

    I recently was accepted to the undeclared group and am so excited to meet everyone this summer! Has anyone started working on the compliance piece?
  2. by   jordangold
    Congrats!! I have started working on the compliance stuff, and I am slowly but surely marking them off the list. Have you started yet?
  3. by   mauradry
    has anyone started a facebook group?
  4. by   jordank90
    Hi all, I got my acceptance letter on Monday! I'm really excited to meet everyone!
  5. by   texas2013
    @jordangold: Thank you! I have started working on the compliance as well but it's moving quite slowly......what track are you in?

    @jordank90: Congratulations! What track you are in as well?

    I am not sure if a FB group has been started...
  6. by   jordangold
    I am in maternity/administration.
  7. by   rmansaray
    I got an acceptance email today! Very excited to meet yall in June!
  8. by   texas2013
    Congratulations @rmansaray!!
  9. by   Anonymous1369
    Congrats to everyone who got their letters! I've started on compliance too,there's a lot left to do though. I haven't seen anything about a fb group, if someone starts one let me know
  10. by   jordangold
  11. by   Sarah.Gonzaga my acceptance email this morning for Maternity/Public Health!!!! So excited! I was getting really nervous! ;D
  12. by   jordangold
    Congrats, Sarah! I can't believe you are just now finding out! Now that's patience!!
  13. by   Sarah.Gonzaga
    I got an email that I was wait listed about the time y'all got your acceptance emails, so I guess someone gave up their spot! I wish "patient" was a word that could describe the past month! ;D