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Anybody else interested in or applying to the AE MSN program at UT-Austin for summer of 2013? I'd love to start a group discussion to help each other with questions and concerns people might have.... Read More

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    Just curious, did anyone else get called for second interviews? I applied for the psych NP, was told there were 4 spots available and that I was their #5 choice, but they interviewed me for the "undeclared pool" anybody in this situation?

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    Denied. Good luck everyone...I'm bummed big time.
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    Oh, no!!! Sorry, @kiralandis. I'm still waiting to hear either way for maternity/public health. VERY worried!
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    so sorry @ kiralandis,
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    Wait list!!!! ??? At least it's not "no"???! Mixed emotions, for sure!
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    @Sarah.Gonzaga is that for the undeclared pool? or for your maternity/phn? From what I read last year people on waitlists got in so congrats!
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    I'm Maternity/Public Health. The email didn't say anything about the undeclared pool, so I guess they're not giving me that option...? (Tentatively) Thank you...I hope that is, indeed, the case this year as well! Good luck to you and everyone else still tortured with waiting!!
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    Hi Sarah.Gonzaga,
    were you emailed or did you see this in the UT status system?
    Congrats, hope you get in!
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    I got an email this morning. My status hasn't changed from "in review" on the website, but I think that's because there's a form I have to fill out and send back accepting my spot on the wait list first...?
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    Quote from rmansaray
    Hi Sarah.Gonzaga,
    were you emailed or did you see this in the UT status system?
    Congrats, hope you get in!
    Hi, mansaray! Have you gotten any notification yet? I know the suspense of the wait list is killing me (and it's only been a day!) so I totally feel for those who still haven't heard anything at all! I wish there were more of us on here so that we could get a better idea of what their process is!

    I'm wondering how many got the "undeclared" option and how they made those selections.... LoganNP, did they give you any of that information in your interview?

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