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Anybody else interested in or applying to the AE MSN program at UT-Austin for summer of 2013? I'd love to start a group discussion to help each other with questions and concerns people might have.... Read More

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    So I take it yours went well yesterday?! Any help is appreciated! What kind of questions did you ask? How long did it take?

    I am from Dripping Springs...and I'm flying in late Thursday and coming back to CO Friday night! I would stay the whole weekend (my family is there too) but I have my BF's graduation on Saturday to attend!

    Good luck to you!

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    Hey Jordangold, I got your PM but it won't let me respond because I haven't posted on here 15 times But thank you for the information and I will let you know how it goes for child health!
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    Hope your interview went well, mine is tomorrow but I will be driving up from Houston tonight.
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    Let us know how it goes! What are you interviewing for again?
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    im interviewing for public health,

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    My interview is tomorrow coming from California any tips? I'm so nervous!!
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    Thanks! Good luck tomorrow!
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    What are you interviewing for Flybabe?
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    I'm interviewing for nursing administration. Just arrived in Austin after flying all day!
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    Good luck, if you haven't already, look at the 2012 forum like ours...they say the interviews are very relaxed and the questions are very general like "why ut, why nursing, why your track, etc..." so just be prepared and smile and i'm sure you'll be fine! My interview is Friday...eeek!

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