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Anybody else interested in or applying to the AE MSN program at UT-Austin for summer of 2013? I'd love to start a group discussion to help each other with questions and concerns people might have.... Read More

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    This is going to be the longest week ever. I sure hope to hear some good news this week.
    Anyone on here applying for public health?

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    How was the interview Jordan?
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    Quote from Logan123
    How was the interview Jordan?
    It was just as you explained! She got to know me a little bit, told me about the undeclared option, and asked if I was interested in it. I got the follow up email and I accepted it right away, so now I just wait for the acceptance letter( or wait list)! Thanks so much for filling me in beforehand!
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    Congrats! you're as good as in. See you in June
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    Hi there,

    I recently was accepted to the undeclared group and am so excited to meet everyone this summer! Has anyone started working on the compliance piece?
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    Congrats!! I have started working on the compliance stuff, and I am slowly but surely marking them off the list. Have you started yet?
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    has anyone started a facebook group?
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    Hi all, I got my acceptance letter on Monday! I'm really excited to meet everyone!
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    @jordangold: Thank you! I have started working on the compliance as well but it's moving quite slowly......what track are you in?

    @jordank90: Congratulations! What track you are in as well?

    I am not sure if a FB group has been started...
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    I am in maternity/administration.

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