where is good to study ADN Nursing

  1. Im planning to go to TSU for ADN nursing at Volunteer State Community College site; however, as hearing bad comments, it really flashed me out! Is TSU really that bad and disorganized? Honestly, it is kinda hard as everytime i try to contact to the Nursing Department. They seem to be....kinda careless. So i dont know what the deal is. Well, MTSU has a good program, but they require HESI exam on all parts (TSU requires only Math, Reading, Chemistry, and Personality, i took these portion and got 86% for overall cummulative). Im now in the middle of the road. Can anyone give me some recommendation please!
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  3. by   Wave Watcher
    Yes, TSU is really that disorganized. Their nursing program has suffered for many years and I believe has been revamped multiple times. I don't know why they seem to have a hard time.
    Try Aquinas College. It is a private college so tuition is bit high but a great school. Their pre-reqs are different than TSU's. You may find you don't have to take as many.
    I should probably say that I'm sure there are many Nurses who graduated from TSU that had a GREAT experience and found the program easy to maneuver through. TSU puts out wonderful nurses! Just in my personal experience and other nurse friends TSU was a very frustrating college to deal with. JMO.