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Does anyone have any advice on how to make a strong letter of intent for Vanderbilt's Nurse residency program? I know they accept a lot of applicants for each cohort but I'm not sure how many people... Read More

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    I just applied for the Summer 2012 cohort tonight, hoping to get the application packet soon! I'm wondering how my experiences stack up to others, and what really makes a difference in order to land an interview. I have a BSN from a program shared between two private schools (one shares a spot on the same Forbes and US News lists as Vanderbilt), my RN in WI (which is a multi-state license), a few scattered years of being a class senate rep and a Projects Director for a nursing association from the school, 100+ hours of volunteer experience in a hospital, and a few other things. I meet the minimum GPA requirement, however, it's not THE highest, and I do not have any previous healthcare-related job. I just have this feeling like with everything that I have done, it just won't be enough to even get an interview! Crossing my fingers that sending this application will be the start of something great! :bowingpur

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    For those of you lucky enought to be accepted, do you have any examples of the interview questions you were asked for the PEDS track that you could share with us?

    Thank you!!!
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    WIBSNRN: Wow. I am applying for the summer 2012 cohort as well, and after reading what you just wrote... I dont see how you could NOT get in. And I am all of sudden really doubtful of my chances!!
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    Its mostly weighed on a point system I have heard
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    Does anyone know how strict they are about accepting applications as separate documents? Long story short, there was mix up at my school's nursing office, and one of the sealed letters I included with my application package is apparently NOT the letter of recommendation that the office told me it was. I sent out my application package on Friday, and I am devastated to have just discovered this happened. I emailed Tracey to explain, but have not heard back yet. While I hope they will allow me to send the letter of recommendation separately, I would be willing to put together a whole new application package if that's what it comes down to. Any thoughts?
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    Does anyone that has gone through the new grad program have any feedback? Did you like it, and would you mind explaining the placement process and orientation?

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