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Does anyone have any advice on how to make a strong letter of intent for Vanderbilt's Nurse residency program? I know they accept a lot of applicants for each cohort but I'm not sure how many people actually apply and how... Read More

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    Hi Lovelymo79, I too am applying for Summer 2011! I'm working on my letter w/ hopes to have it done by tomorrow to send my packet out Tuesday. It's the last thing I have to finish! What track are you applying for?

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    Hi! Welcome, lovebubble! I'm applying for the critical care track. I'll have everything sent and ready to go by the end of this week!
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    I sent my application in a week or so ago....Very exciting

    Good Luck everyone! I'm applying to peds track.

    Does anyone know how they select interviews? (Point system, etc.)
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    I saw someone started a forum for the summer 2011 NRP and I wrote in greater detail there. I like the idea of finding others who have or are experiencing the same thing to talk to and get advice and encouragement!
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    Hi everyone!
    I applied to the critical care track last week. Does anyone have any idea when we will be finding out if we get an interview or not?
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    I recently applied and got an interview which was yesterday. I did not feel good leaving that interview. I was very nervous and even though I answered all the questions, it just didn't come out the way I would have wanted. I am wondering how much the interview weighs in the point system. Can you tell me how you felt after the interview and what you think about the interview point system?
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    re: vanderbilt's nurse residency program
    i just had my interview. the people on the panel were very very nice. i will say, some of the questions are difficult to answer. they were for me at least. i had some trouble recalling specific examples of certain scenarios they wanted to hear about. i wonder if other people had the same problem. they ask some questions about you personally (why vanderbilt, etc.) then they ask specific clinical questions and want specific examples from your clinical experiences.

    hi joyfuljoy3,
    i was in the adult medicine track and had the same problem. i had 2-3 scenarios i had prepared for but i seem to remember they asked for 6 or 7 specific scenarios. i wonder if they changed their question format from the previous cohort. they were very polite though and very nice. time will tell on the outcome! good luck to all!
    i just had an interview for the summer 2011. the interview was tough. i was already nervous as it was but being able to speak confidently in front of 3 people asking very detailed questions is very difficult. it was like being on a first date with 3 people at once. you just can't be yourself very easily and they want specifics. i am wondering if people that felt like they didn't do well in the interview were still able to get into the program. i wonder how many of the points are awarded for the interview portion.
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    okay, everyone, i'm over waiting! i just wanna knoooow
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    Same! The wait feels so long!...I looked at old posts and last year's cohort found out the 8th (thursday), so maybe we'll hear very soon!...good luck everyone!
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    I did the same thing! Lol good luck

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