Vanderbilt Prespecialty 2011 Accepted Forum

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    Hey everyone!
    I've created a forum for Vandy 2011 Fall Prespec. Nursing =]
    I hope to discuss housing, transportation, books, etc on this forum. ^^
    I was recently admitted to ANP/GNP specialty.
    Please introduce yourself! ^_^

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    Hey I'm in for Midwifery... Very, very excited!!! I'm driving down there next week to check out the school & the area, and again over Spring Break to start house-hunting!

    Does anyone know what areas are good to live in?
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    Hi there. I was accepted for Midwifery as well. My husband and I plan on relocating in July to give me a month of settling in before the program begins. I visited the school before I applied and we drove around town looking at neighborhoods. I fell in love with East Nashville. We want to rent a house as we've been in apartments in NYC and Atlanta the past 6 years. Congrats to everyone! I'm excited to meet you guys!
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    Hi everyone! I was accepted to the PMHNP program. I'll be relocating from New Hampshire, so that will be quite a move. I went to visit the campus/city in October. I really liked east Nashville,too. My concern is traffic, and it makes me wonder how close I should be to campus? I've heard that it can be difficult to get around Nashville at several points during the day because of it. Does anyone local have any experience with this? I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I would love advice from someone with more experience in the area. Looking forward to meeting all of you this fall!!
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    is everyone here taking a car? right now that is my main concern, because i am coming from oregon and i don't have a car. i recieved this
    we will not begin hospital clinical until about mid-october. that should be time for you to find a peer with which to ride. you can also talk to the course coordinator, professor jessee about getting your clinical at vanderbilt in the fall.
    in the spring you will need car or a ride to complete your course obligations. thanks
    any suggestions on what i should do?
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    Hi, I'm Jenna and I will be coming from Florida. My family is originally from Kentucky so I am familiar with the area and sort of know my way around Nashville. Going into the WHNP specialty- will be needing a roomie to share a decently-priced apartment in a safe neighborhood close to campus- any takers??

    Looking forward to meeting everyone in Fall!
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    I was accepted into FNP and I'm from California. I think I'll be taking a car over there probably within the first month that I'm there. I'm most concerned about finding an apartment but will definitely use that site that RTAYLR posted . Jenna- I definitely will need a roommate in the fall and will be looking for places soon. I think I'll probably head to TN in a couple of months because i'll be out of town until May. Has anyone sent in the letter back to Vanderbilt stating that you accept the acceptance??

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    Hello classmates. My name is Eva and I'm in for ACNP. I'll be moving with my husband from California. I'm hoping to come for a visit in April to check out the neighborhood. I'm looking for a place with some personality, if anyone knows a place that fits the bill please let me know.
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    hey guys.. i'm definitely taking a car too! I got in to Emory too but I think I'm leaning more towards Vandy.... plus I'm excited about going to a school with a division I football team (even though they're not so good.. haha).
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    Im also looking for housing and roommates =] !
    ive looking at some housing around the Vandy U. area since I dont have a car...
    but it seems really expensive. I'll update you guys as soon as I get more info!

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